Whether employed as a human resources executive or a hiring manager, the task of interviewing and hiring staff can be a challenge, especially when training requires significant manpower and company dollars. To ensure employees are a right fit for your organization, it is important to use hiring practices methodically and only hire those individuals that appear to be a good fit for your organization.

Once the hiring process is complete, and the new employee is on staff, you may soon realize the person you’ve hired is not able to perform to company standards. While many organizations, commonly, take a very methodical and slow approach to the firing process, it may actually be prudent to, instead, fire the poor performing employee quickly so as to ensure a replacement can be found and company dollars are not wasted on continued training and performance management. With the new employee, a team for hrm is important for the business organization. The poor performance will be converted into excellent one with the working. The replacement of the old employees will be done through the hrm team. 

So, how do you know a new employee is not performing to standard? Most often, new employees, who are not a right fit for your organization, will fail within the first several months to achieve performance standards either by simply failing to do the work required or by working excessively and still not achieving the results desired. For the latter scenario, many hiring managers find it is more difficult to fire this type of employee as they seem to be working effortlessly. However, if the employee is not maintaining your company standards, it is important to consider your options in terms of termination so as to prevent further loss of revenue and productivity in the long term.

Another basis on which many newly hired employees are fired lies not in their ability to achieve specific performance objectives but, instead, their seeming inability to work well within groups or teams. Often, employees who work well achieve and exceed performance standards but cause great discord among the staff, eventually cost more in revenue dollars due to the emotional and psychological toll they may surmount among and within their coworkers. When faced with this type of employee, firing may be the only option to remove the negative impact and start anew.

As with any hiring and firing process, the key to optimal outcomes is to ensure, as the hiring manager or human resource executive, that you are well versed in the core competencies required of your company and then take your time, debating, researching and contemplating the candidates available for the position to ensure a proper fit is made. When coping through the issues involved with poor performance of a new employee, do not hesitate to terminate the employment of the employee as this will be the most effective process by which to save significant revenue and credibility of your company’s hiring processes.