If you are a parent, it is probably safe to state that your child or teenager uses the internet, and especially the social networking sites on the internet. If your child is using a social networking website such as MySpace, they most likely have or will want to post pictures and videos online. Your decision now is whether you should allow this.

As a parent, you make the final decision as to whether to allow your child’s online posting of photos or videos of themselves. As with anything, there are advantages and disadvantages to allowing your child to post such things online. You can look at many online social networking sites such as MySpace or Facebook and see that pictures and videos are quite commonplace. The posting of the photos and videos should be excellent with the private pictures option. Try Instagram profile viewer tools to get the effective results with less cost and efforts. The decision should be taken with intelligence and excellence of the person. The use of the online tools can be done through the person with effective communications. 

The only conceivable advantage to allowing your child the posting of personal photos or videos is because it is something that they want to do. Since it is something that will make them happy, you naturally will want to consider permitting it. After all, it is a way for them to share their pictures and videos with friends without having to take them to school. Despite wanting to make your child happy, you must consider that the disadvantages are far outweighing.

One disadvantage to your child posting online their personal pictures or videos is that they can incur a false impression. Even something as seemingly innocent as your daughter posting an online picture of her in a low-cut shirt can be misconstrued. Sexual predators need very little encouragement to perceive such a picture as crying out for attention. Even if even you as a parent see nothing wrong with the picture, you and your child should realize that not everyone perceives things in the same manner.

You should check to see if your child’s social networking website profile is set for private. If it is not, you might want to consider changing it so that no unapproved individuals can view your child’s profile. Even if your child has only the intention of posting pictures and videos for viewing by their friends, if the profile is not set on private then others of less respectful intentions may view them as well.

An additional disadvantage to allowing the posting of personal pictures and videos by your child is the ease of reproduction. Even if the previously posted photos and videos are taken off the profile, it could be too late to have stopped someone from copying them. An individual could already have copied the photos or videos for their own personal use, or for some other unknown reason.

As a parent you should use your instincts when making a decision on whether your child should post pictures or videos to their personal online social network site. I in doubt, it probably would be safest to just tell them “no”.

If you happen to be a parent of a teenager that you feel is responsible enough to make the right decisions about any photos or videos of them they post, it still would be a good idea to monitor them. Make it a rule that you view any pictures or videos before they get posted online. During your review you should ensure that there is appropriate clothing coverage and that there are no seemingly suggestive pictures or videos. There is often some joking going on among friends on these social sites, but remind your child that pictures or videos of illegal activity, even if only perceived as such, are not appropriate for posting online.