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Elegant Homemade Doily Handbag

Add a touch of the Victorian style to your wardrobe with this cute, easy to make doily handbag. Anyone can make the handbag when purchased doilies are used for the project. Those individuals who love to crochet may enjoy crocheting two identical doilies to create a personalized and unique doily handbag. Things You'll Need: 2, 6- to 8-inch doilies 2, 10-inch squares of lining fabric Disappearing sewing marker Scissors Straight pins Iron Ironing board Fabric glue 1 yard ½-inch satin ribbon Instructions: Step 1 - Place the two 10-inch squares of lining fabric on a flat surface. Turn the two squares so the front side of the fabric is facing one another. Match the edges. Step 2 - Place a doily in the center of the lining fabric. Trace around the outs

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