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Drip Edge Installation Basics

Drip edge is the aluminum flange that folds underneath the bottom layer of asphalt shingles and covers the front portion of the fascia. The aluminum fascia is then slid underneath the drip edge to create a watertight seal and protect one of the most delicate parts of a roof.

Roof Preparation

The roof must be striped down to its basic underlayment before you install drip edge. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or you’re remodeling, the roof must be ready with an organic felt paper underlayment. If you’re using Zip System Sheathing then an underlayment isn’t required. Check out how to use tar paper to dry in a roof for more details on this part of the roofing process.

The tar paper issue aside, the roof has to be strong enough to withstand an earthquake or so they say as the drip does not allow it to dry which throws a spanner into the Roof Restoration plans in a big way and work gets delayed to a considerable extent.

With all of the nails pounded down and the felt paper/tar paper in place you can begin bringing materials to the roof. Tin snips, roofing nails, tar/bull/butyl and the drip edge should all be set on the roof for easy access.

You may want to attach a ledger board for safety if your roof is steep. Just make sure that the ledger board is set back enough so that it doesn’t get in the way of the drip edge. Also attach a 2×4 block to the front of the sub fascia below the drip edge line where your ladder rests against the roof. This will prevent your ladder from getting in the way and from denting the drip edge when you climb up and down.

Installation Basics

Drip edge is fairly straightforward to install, but there are a few basics you should know before beginning. Overlapping each piece by at least 2″ is code in most areas, especially high wind regions. This can be a little difficult without first crimping the male end flat and nipping a 45 degree angle on each ear of the male end.

Nailing patterns for drip edge consist of about every 24″ but can vary from area to area. In higher wind zones, 16″ is a common distance for nails. Attach a nail on each end a minimum of 4″. Set nails back towards the top of the drip edge, trying to penetrate the sub fascia below when possible. Keep in mind, the more you nail the drip edge in tight patterns, the more likely the chance you will get oil canning. Oil can is when metal tries to expand and contract when sunlight hits it, but it cannot because of the tight nailing pattern.

Starting from the least conspicuous area on the bottom corner of the roof, cut and bend the drip edge to travel up the rake of the roof and across the front, with the smaller end traveling up the rake. At least 24″ should travel up the rake. Start you laps in the most inconspicuous place possible. In other words, keep your laps away from the most traveled areas so you don’t see them.

Work your way from bottom to top with the last pieces being the top piece on the ridge of the roof. This is the cap piece. Once you’ve got all of the drip edge on the roof, you can tar or butyl tape the seam to prevent future water problems. Many people skip this step, but I find the extra time spent is well worth the added protection from future leaks.

Guide Service

How To Find A Car Locksmith You Can Rely On?

Sometimes you become so helpless that it becomes crucial for you to call a car locksmith. There are very basic, and general problems lie with lots of individuals. And they must be breaking of keys, and the problem is a key holder, lost vehicle keys, etc. in these situations, it is essential to communicate with a car locksmith so that you will get a solution to your problem. For this, you need professional and experienced automotive and locksmith services.

If you have only one pair of your keys and you have lost them somewhere, then it is beneficial for you to call out a locksmith and get at least 2 pairs of your vehicle keys. They will help you with car key cutting and also check if the lock has any problem or not. Now, in the lower section, I am going to right some crucial things which should be understood by you for relying on a car locksmith.

3 crucial aspects for the reader,

  1. The very first thing is to understand the type of your keys. As a reason, there are several other options too, but if you will consider a reliable key, then it will be beneficial for you.
  2. The second thing is to identify the model of your car. As a reason, there is some car locksmith who is unable to replace the keys of your vehicle, so it is your responsibility to identify the model of your car and then call a locksmith.
  3. Several services are available in the market, but you need to pick the one who is experienced and professional.

If you accommodate the above-mentioned information, then it will give you the idea of locksmith ranges through which you can estimate the right service for your vehicle.

Computer Guide Repair

PC Repair Shack: Affordable, Friendly Computer Repair in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky

I don’t have particularly good luck with computers and thanks to this misfortune I have had both my desktop computer and my laptop computer in the repair shop within the last year. Thankfully I have discovered an honest, reasonably priced place to take my computers for repair. Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky residents need look no further than the PC Repair Shack in Florence, KY for honest and affordable computer repair.

The PC Repair Shack in Florence, KY is really just that: a shack. The small building located on the downtown strip in Florence looks like a little shot gun house and houses both the PC Repair Shack and England’s TV Repair. Upon entering the PC Repair Shack patrons see walls full of computer pieces and parts, broken television sets, and a few retail items for sale. A small desk at the back of a long corridor belongs to the owner and his little dog typically comes out to happily greet you.

Each time I have left my computer to be repaired at PC Repair Shack, I have been given a quote before leaving the store. A $20 deposit is required. When I returned to pick up my computers each time at the PC Repair Shack, the actual price was less than what I was quoted. This was a pleasant surprise and let me know that I might be dealing with a more honest service person than some.

What is important is that the repair shack has its own charm and the deposit is basically like an assurance that you have come at the right place because they are quite up to their job something that you would find on websites like where you can get the best repair jobs ever.

When my desktop PC stopped working I called a known national chain that offers computer repair. I was told that I would be charged $100 just to bring my computer in and that they would add on labor and parts in addition to that fee. When I decided to take my computer to PC Repair Shack instead, the total cost was only $70 including everything. At my most recent visit to PC Repair Shack in Florence, KY I was in for laptop repair. The repairman installed a years worth of Norton AntiVirus (even though I did not ask for this) and did not charge me for it. This was a wonderful surprise.

With both of the repairs I have received from PC Repair Shack there have been no further problems. My computers have worked perfectly after the repairs and I was even given some tips from PC Repair Shack has how to keep the problems from happening in the future. The turnaround time for my computer repair from PC Repair Shack was very quick. My laptop was done in less than 24 hours and my desktop took 3 days. When the repairman apologized for the long wait, I was surprised considering 3 days didn’t seem like long at all to me.

If you live in the Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati area and you need computer repair (and who doesn’t at some point?) it may be well worth taking your computer to PC Repair Shack on Main Street in Florence, KY. The friendly and competent service and excellent prices are reminiscent of a time when customer service and quality service were the top priorities of repair shops. Visit PC Repair Shack to support small business and get exactly what you need in computer repair.


Firing the New Employee: Why Poor Performance Should Not Be Tolerated

Whether employed as a human resources executive or a hiring manager, the task of interviewing and hiring staff can be a challenge, especially when training requires significant manpower and company dollars. To ensure employees are a right fit for your organization, it is important to use hiring practices methodically and only hire those individuals that appear to be a good fit for your organization.

Once the hiring process is complete, and the new employee is on staff, you may soon realize the person you’ve hired is not able to perform to company standards. While many organizations, commonly, take a very methodical and slow approach to the firing process, it may actually be prudent to, instead, fire the poor performing employee quickly so as to ensure a replacement can be found and company dollars are not wasted on continued training and performance management. With the new employee, a team for hrm is important for the business organization. The poor performance will be converted into excellent one with the working. The replacement of the old employees will be done through the hrm team. 

So, how do you know a new employee is not performing to standard? Most often, new employees, who are not a right fit for your organization, will fail within the first several months to achieve performance standards either by simply failing to do the work required or by working excessively and still not achieving the results desired. For the latter scenario, many hiring managers find it is more difficult to fire this type of employee as they seem to be working effortlessly. However, if the employee is not maintaining your company standards, it is important to consider your options in terms of termination so as to prevent further loss of revenue and productivity in the long term.

Another basis on which many newly hired employees are fired lies not in their ability to achieve specific performance objectives but, instead, their seeming inability to work well within groups or teams. Often, employees who work well achieve and exceed performance standards but cause great discord among the staff, eventually cost more in revenue dollars due to the emotional and psychological toll they may surmount among and within their coworkers. When faced with this type of employee, firing may be the only option to remove the negative impact and start anew.

As with any hiring and firing process, the key to optimal outcomes is to ensure, as the hiring manager or human resource executive, that you are well versed in the core competencies required of your company and then take your time, debating, researching and contemplating the candidates available for the position to ensure a proper fit is made. When coping through the issues involved with poor performance of a new employee, do not hesitate to terminate the employment of the employee as this will be the most effective process by which to save significant revenue and credibility of your company’s hiring processes.


How to Protect Your Business from Dumpster Diving

If you thought the corporate espionage had moved past the era of Dumpster diving, think again. Sneaky corporations and other unscrupulous individuals still use Dumpster diving as an effective way to spy on their competition. You might not think that you throw away anything important enough for a Dumpster diver to be interested, but in reality, companies get rid of far more important information than they would care to admit. Here’s how to protect your business.

  1. Shred All Important Information
    Your company should invest in several good-quality shredders to make sure that important documents — and even notes between colleagues — don’t fall into the wrong hands. This might seem paranoid, but if you are the victim of identity theft or if your company secrets are “outed”, you’re going to wish you dropped $200 on a shredder. Tearing documents up isn’t usually sufficient to deter a persistent Dumpster diving expedition, and who has time to tear up every single paper into itty-bitty pieces?
  2. Keep Security Camers on Your Dumpsters
    This might seem a little extreme, but even if they don’t find anything, you’re going to want to know if someone has been Dumpster diving behind your building. An inexpensive security camera — albeit well-hidden — can save you the trouble of wondering who might be behind a Dumpster diving incident. Even worse, if you don’t keep an eye on your Dumpsters, you might never know anyone was digging through your trash. This is also one of the suggestions of dumpster rental Pomona, ca. According to them, your dumpster should be free from any unauthorized insider. Through cctv or security cameras, you will be able to protect your properties. Your business security and safety should always be on top of your priorities.
  3. Purchase a CD Shredder
    The world has gone digital and your business must keep up with the times. Far more valuable information can be found on discarded CD’s and DVD’s than on paper, and you don’t want your competition getting their hands on that information. A CD shredder can be purchased at any supply store for less than $500, and should be accessible to your IT department so that they can shred before tossing important information on discs.
  4. Bring Work Back to Work
    If you are in the habit of taking work home with you, don’t just discard important documents and discs in the trash when you’re finished with them. Instead, put them in your briefcase to take back to work or purchase a home shredder. It isn’t difficult for someone to find out where you live and Dumpster diving can easily be turned into trash diving.
  5. Advise All Personnel
    It isn’t enough for just you to be aware of the risks of Dumpster diving. Make sure that all of your personnel are aware of the issue and are careful about what they discard. Even the most seemingly insignificant document — such as a Post-It note — should be properly shredded before going out with the trash.

Dumpster diving doesn’t happen every day, but it should be a significant issue at your workplace. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so pay careful attention to your trash and don’t think that competing businesses or identity thieves are above rooting through your discarded waste.

Economy Politics

Big 3 Bailout: Why America Needs It

Maybe a more appropriate question is why America and the world need it? By now, it is blatantly evident that our country’s economy is a major catalyst in this dire economic crisis. How do we soften the impact of such a colossal problem? We keep citizens employed. Essential requirements that will be required for hiring of the san diego bankruptcy lawyer should be provided to the person. Through the things, the hiring of the lawyer will offer effective results. 

If GM, Ford, and Chrysler go down the tube, so do millions of jobs. Consumer confidence is already in the toilet and businesses cannot sustain healthy profits by keeping their current employment levels. Now, the question is, why do so many people want to see this bailout fail?

Many are stuck to their rigid ideals of capitalism. Although a government bail-out does threaten the textbook definition of capitalism, can America afford to see the auto industry’s behemoths fade away? Maybe it is time to reconsider our definition of capitalism. Or maybe it is time to realize that no one system is perfect.

Not only does the Big 3 directly employ a great number of workers, but they also employ workers on a much greater, indirect scale through their supporting industries. Let me spell this one out. Vehicles need glass, metals, upholstery, auto parts, rubber, and radios. The Big 3 does not manufacture these parts on their own. They purchase them through other companies. Other supporting industries are intimately involved in the auto industry crisis.

What does that mean in terms of our economy? If the GM, Ford, and Chrysler are allowed to file bankruptcy because of subpar management and lack of government intervention, a horrifying number of people will be unemployed. Unemployment means less spending. What does our economy need to lessen the impact of this crisis? We need citizen to have money in their pockets to spend. Less spending equals shrinking economy, which in turn equals recession. Although it is now being widely accepted that we are in a recession, there is no need for our government to allow this to be more painful than it has to be. Our economy is not going to recover favorably if the nation’s spending power is dramatically cut through a sharp rise in unemployment in the auto industry.

What about the families going into foreclosure? Don’t you think enough tax dollars are going to companies with incompetent executives? Indeed, this is testament to how our economic system has its flaws and it is a shame that our economy has to see days like these. However, the bigger question is how many more families will go into foreclosure if these massive auto industry layoffs do occur? Not only will we have a much larger number of people not able to pay their debt, but our current $700 billion bailout plan certainly will not be effective with these large scale layoffs.

With that being said, Congress made a good call on demanding a plan with “accountability and viability.” It is a relief that at least Congress is appearing to make an effort to ensure that tax dollars will be spent wisely and not squandered by incompetent management. A change of management would make the deal much more appealing, along with selling the corporate jets and BMWs. We cannot afford to not bail out the Big 3, however, unaccountable spending of tax dollars will be just as devastating as bankruptcy.

Blogging Internet Money

Starting a Blog that Makes a Profit

One of the most proficient ways of establishing an online presence immediately is by starting a blog. The blog is the perfect medium for which search engines love and your target audience can interact. A blog is a very successful way in establishing credibility in any chosen industry.

A blog has numerous advantages over traditional sites because you are able to update the home page with new and fresh content. This creates a unique ability for your readers to have a reason to return to your blog to check for more current information or entertainment. By having the ability to place your new content on the homepage, it creates easier accessibility for your audience.

Blogs also have a unique ability in obtaining links to your site. Building links is extremely challenging to traditional sites, but when you’re able to get returning visitors, some of these visitors may link to numerous blog posts that you’ve written and each time one of your readers ‘ links to one of your post it gives you more favorable rankings with search engines.

Blogs and search engines have a perfect harmony. You want search engines to be favorable to your site for obvious reasons and by having a blog you are able to generate search engine traffic that’s extremely hard to generate with traditional websites. Some of the following ways blogs are able to obtain traffic from search engines are the following:

Every Time You Publish New Information Blogs Notify the Search Engines. When you add new content to your blog, your blog automatically sends notification to the search engines via a message known as a “ping.” This ability to immediately get notification to the major search engines concerning your new content gives you several benefits such as creating direct links to your site which gives you ranking benefits in the major search engines.

Blogs Attract Links. The most important thing your site can do is obtain as many links that are of quality as possible. Major search engines use links to determine which sites are the best and are more favorable to sites that have more links than the ones that don’t. By having the ability to attain links, you will have the advantage over your competition.

Common Features on Blogs Have Tremendous Benefits. As mentioned earlier, frequent updates are favored by major search engines. People love making comments on blogs, so many of your frequent updates will be done automatically for you. Every time one of your visitors leaves a comment on your blog, the major search engines will view it as your page being updated.

Blogs Create a Tremendous Architectural Structure. Making your website search engine friendly is one of the most challenging things of website design. Blogs do the work for you don’t have to worry about how to structure content the way search engines desire. The structure of the blogs can be checked after clicking here at the official website. The rankings of the blogs will be represented at the search engines to provide the correct articles. 

So when starting your online business and deciding upon your website you want to strongly consider setting up a blog. A blog gives you the ability to bring people back to website again and again which is extremely important if your aim is to make a large amount of money from your site. Blogs allow you the ability to interact with your target audience which is extremely important for your visitors because they’re allowed to leave comments and ask you questions. By having this ability of repeat visitors this equates to more hits as well as more sales.


Oil Solution for Anxiety- Unique Drug Reference

If you are asked to name a list of diseases, you’ll probably take an entire day and still not complete it because there are way too many of them. More the number of diseases, the lesser remedies you can find for them.

There are from numerous factors that contribute to the deterioration of health and humans are masters at it due to their easy going nature as they are steeped in vice and downright debauchery at times.

However, today they don’t have much time for all that as they are totally engrossed in office from morning to night where they don’t get time for anything as a result of which they fall into depression.


Cannabinoid Oil is known as the perfect cure for diseases like cancer, kidney ailment, liver issues and so many others that it is astonishing that not many people are aware of its significance.

An anxiety repellant like no other, it comes from the tropical areas from the extracts of cannabis plants, which is then converted into oil. It is an essential ingredient that today’s youth need desperately to overcome anxiety and depression.

Let us now look at some of the best CBD oils for anxiety so that it will help people in choosing better and they are as follows:

  • CBD Distellery Extra- It is the most effective of the lot that tackles anxiety by proving itself to be the perfect antidote as well as the most expensive
  • Hemp Bombs- They come from extracts of hemp plants and an excellent sample for people who want to know about the best CBD oil near me

  • Nano Craft Gold- It has CBD at a wide range of spectrum where different colors and flavors blend together to give it an authentic feel with excellent results
  • R+R Medicinals- They have natural nutrients added as a mixture that enhances positive vibes in your system

Exploring the Ghost Hunting 101

An increasingly popular international pastime, ghost hunting is definitely one of the weirder ways to spend one’s time. If you want to experience the thrill and scare of ghost hunting this Halloween it’s wise to get a little advice from a more experienced person. I mean, if you’re just looking for some kicks you and your friends could do it all by yourself, I did and had a blast although it wasn’t very productive. However, if you’re in it to actually obtain evidence you’ll benefit from a little guidance especially if you’ve never been to a haunt before. I’ve advised five paranormal teams in the St. Louis area and their tactics ranged from the very technical, relying heavily on equipment, to the very psychical. I’ll share with you what I told each of them on their first investigations, and I began by asking them all WHY?

Why are you seeking to do this? Is it to further the field of paranormal investigation? Maybe you and your friends just want a good scare or perhaps you’re actually responding to someone’s call for help. If you’re doing this for any other reason than for fun then you need something of a plan to direct your activities. If you’re answering someone’s call for help, then make sure you HELP them. Don’t just come in and snap a couple of pictures and leave. Talk to them and address their need because that’s why they called you. What you don’t want to happen on the night of an investigation is have your team roaming around aimlessly doing whatever. Designate a team leader and hash out an itinerary. The plans I’ve devised are quite different from the way many teams are used to operating because they take into account certain paranormal realities that I respect. The purchasing of the best binoculars with camera by should be done through the hunters. There can be hunting of the animals either in team or individual for pleasure. 

Let’s quickly talk about equipment. I recommend a digital camera, a video recorder with low light capabilities and a digital audio recorder. If you have the money and members then IR/UV capturing devices are really cool to have around. Some people also use electromagnetic sensing equipment as they help in identifying sources of EMFs but you don’t need expensive equipment to do a great investigation. Most paranormal evidence comes from audio recorders, still pictures and videos.

Paranormal reality #1:

Spirits can see and hear you! I advise investigators to do all their talking and planning off site and investigate in silence if possible. Think of ghost hunting as an undercover sting operation. The goal is to get evidence of a haunting without giving away your intentions or equipment. Trust me, if there is an intelligent entity on the site it will hear about your plans and devices and may avoid you entirely. If there is one thing that most ghost hunters are doing wrong it’s talking within range of what they are hunting. Some evidence even suggests that more powerful entities, like higher order demons, may even know your thoughts and personal details like your name, fears and weaknesses.

Paranormal reality #2:

Spirits generally don’t respond well to having many people around. After you plan the night, set up your base off site and send in investigators one at a time. This requires a hard boiled team, one that doesn’t scare too easily and run off in panic, but the results are much better. You may have noticed that most paranormal experiences happen to people who are alone or at least isolated from a group. This isn’t because ghosts are scared of a crowd, they just don’t like the commotion. Having only one person on site increases the odds of interaction. The investigator should spend a predetermined amount of time on site. They should walk around snapping pictures and recording video as they go. The audio recording devices, the more the better, should be disguised and planted evenly throughout the space by the first team member. These devices should be left recording and not be moved or handled for the course of the investigation. Sometimes you will catch voices or other sounds recorded after a team member leaves the site and before another one arrives.

Paranormal reality #3:

Our flesh reacts to unseen paranormal energies. Have you ever wondered why the hair stands up on the back of our necks? Why we feel like someone is watching us? Why our hearts suddenly start to race and our breathing becomes agitated for no reason? Unseen entities seemingly evoke an autonomic reaction from us when they are near. This is because our spirits are mysteriously mated to our flesh which enables it to act like something of a detection meter of other-worldly phenomena. I advise all ghost hunters to be keen observers not only of their environment but also of their own physiology during investigations. The best tool for detecting paranormal phenomenon still remains the human body.

Home and Family Moving

10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Professional Moving Company

Whether an interstate move or moving across town, transferring a household of belongings from one place to another is a highly stressful life experience. A professional moving company will certainly reduce the manual work a move takes, but choosing the right professional movers is critical to either relieving the burden of a move, or adding to the stress. Selecting a reliable and trustworthy professional moving company, and avoiding moving scams, is critical to the success of a move.

When getting a written estimate, movers will come to the apartment or house to personally inventory and assess the belongings. Based on an estimated weight and the distance of the move, a cost estimate will be provided. Never get an estimate over the telephone. All credible professional moving companies provide on-site written estimates. Do not simply rely on the phone book or Internet listings when deciding which moving companies to consider. Ask friends, neighbors, and local real estate agents for moving company recommendations because reputation means everything in the moving business.

Quality is one aspect that should never be compromised especially if you have to move from one place to another and to get the best movers in town is a difficult task as your choice is very limited though some like local moving Edmonton have set the bar pretty high with their credentials.

Here are 10 important questions to ask when evaluating professional moving companies:

Is the estimate binding or non-binding?

A non-binding estimate can vary based on the final weight of the shipment and a binding estimate is guaranteed regardless of the final shipment weight. The 110 percent rule governs that movers are required by law to deliver a shipment for no more than 10% above the price of a non-binding estimate.

Are there additional fees for specific items or services?

Hidden charges are the most common complaint against moving companies. Ask if they charge for each flight or stairs or for short-term storage. Ask if there is an extra charge if evenings, weekends, or large, delicate items such as a piano, grandfather clock, or flat screen TV.

What documents will the company provide before loading?

By law, a professional moving company must furnish an inventory sheet, an order-of-service, a bill-of-lading, and the weight if it is a shipment based on a non-binding estimate. The consumer has the right to witness the weighing and ask for a re-weigh.

Is your moving company licensed? What are your DOT and MC numbers?

State and federal licensing and insurance requirements must be adhered to by professional moving companies. The DOT and MC numbers can be used to verify that the moving company is adequately insured and properly licensed.

Have any complaints been filed against the company?

This information is essential in finding out if the movers in your locale are reputable. Complaints or a lack thereof can be verified with the Better Business Bureau or other local consumer advocacy agencies.

Are the items in my shipment insured throughout the entire move?

A minimal amount of insurance is provided free of charge and the standard rate of insurance by professional moving companies is sixty cents per pound. The law requires companies provide this valuation coverage and it usually would not compensate completely for a damaged item. Additional insurance can be purchased from the moving company. Many renter’s insurance or homeowner’s insurance policies cover household belongings during a move, so check with your insurance company.

What is your responsibility for items that might become damaged during the move?

It is important to understand the different levels of liability for loss or damage to goods during a move. All moving companies are required to assume some liability but levels vary from Released Value, to Declared Value, to Lump Sum Value, to Full Value Protection. Also, liability can vary based on who packed the goods. Typically the moving company is not liable if the consumer packed.

How long has your company been in business?

Longevity is a sign of positive business health. Three years in business is the recommended industry minimum to be considered a stable professional moving company.

Do you have references from recent customers?

Actually speaking with a reference yourself can be extremely insightful in evaluating moving companies. Ask these former customers if the movers were timely and on schedule for delivery, if there were any unexpected charges or problems during the move, if the movers were safe and protective with their goods, and ask if they were satisfied with the moving company’s job.

Do you have a booklet for me?

All moving companies are required by law to give to prospective customers the booklet, “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” If the movers being evaluated do not have this booklet, send them moving!

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offers an informative website called Protect Your Move, to help consumers avoid moving scams and fraud, choose the right professional moving company, and coordinate a successful move.

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