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Home Improvement

Top Reasons You Need to Upgrade Your Old Fireplace

Whether your home is new or old, having a fireplace would always add to its overall value, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

People love having a fireplace at home as it is an important feature, especially in countries and regions where it is extremely cold.

If you’ve had an old fireplace in your home that isn’t heating optimally or proving to be difficult to maintain due to it being a wood-burning fireplace, here are the few reasons why you should consider upgrading it

Save Money

When you upgrade your old fireplace with the new fireplace designs, you save a lot of money. It is because the new designs would help with proper heat distribution and better heat management in the space. It would save you a lot of money you otherwise spend on running the heating system.

Enhance Overall Value Of Your Home

Having a fireplace at home is one of the most popular features as per the real estate agents. People get easily attracted to a fireplace, which can also help you get a better resell price in the future in case you ever decide to relocate or sell your house.

Better Look

Having a fireplace with one of the exquisite and classic yet modern fireplace designs would help your home get that look and feel that it would miss out on otherwise. It easily becomes the center of attention of any party you throw at home, especially during winters.

Upgrading your home’s fireplace would ensure that it adds safety as well as cost-efficiency to the overall equation. You can be sure that you won’t regret investing in upgrading your fireplace with better design and features.

Advice Guide Home and Family Living Moving

Advice on Moving Out

Moving out takes longer then most people think. Here’s some advice for people that want to take the leap (in a couple months).

1) Save money:

Moving out for the first time is more expensive than most people think. On top of first month’s rent and a security deposit have you thought about all the things that you will need to buy for your new home? Putting money away is essential in moving out, most people recommend having at least $1000 put away before moving out, the more the better.

2) Start buying stuff:

If you wait until you move out to buy everything that you will need your crazy. Not only will this add one more thing to do during the already stressful moving process but that just adds more the first month’s bill. Start out with the small stuff that you know you will need for sure (towels, dishes, etc). Then start focusing on the bigger things (couch, TV, etc)

3) Find a roommate:

Rent is expensive (obviously) splitting everything in half makes the moving transition much easier on your wallet. Don’t ask just anybody, find a good reliable friend that you trust and know that you can count on for rent. Get together and make a list of all the things that you already have, and the things that you will need to buy. With a hiring of moving company in Edmonton, different services will be provided to the person. A collection of the essential information should be done to get the work easy. The moving services will be convenient and comfortable for the person at cheaper rates.

4) Get some advice:

Talk to a parent or a friend, someone that has already gone through this. Ask them how to do the things that you don’t know how to do (pay bills, do laundry, etc)

5) Find a job:

This really should be number 1 on the list. You can’t last forever on the money that you have saved up in your piggy bank (believe it or not) so a steady source of income is essential. If you plan on moving far away and don’t already have a job lined up, then focus heavily on saving as much money as possible (the more the better). As soon as you are settled into your new home start looking for a job as soon as possible.

6) Live within your means:

Don’t go out and buy a brand new 55 inch 3d TV right away. Hold off for a couple months and get yourself settled. Don’t rely on a credit card to buy everything, it may seem like a good idea at the time, but it can come back to bite you later. Even after you are moved in try and save a little bit of money every month, it’s a good idea to have some money saved up in case of an emergency. From personal experience I know that my car always needs work at the worst times possible, a little stashed cash can come in handy in these times.GOOD LUCK!!!

Education Finance Guide Loan Money Student

Student Loans And Nonprofit Work: Worth It Or Not?

Like most American students, my entire life I was told I could “be anything I wanted to be.” Teachers, parents, mentors, counselors, and coaches each help to impart this message to hopeful youth. With no ceiling to hold me back, I dreamed of a multitude of careers that would give me purpose and freedom and, most of all, money. I felt I was only limited by my own faults, and I fervently believed that if I could be persistent, diligent, passionate, and determined enough, that I would accomplish any goal I set for myself. For a young girl in alternative school with no parents, no income, and no guidance, this “be all you can be” mantra was the only thing I knew about planning my future.

I was raised in the North Georgia mountains near Chattanooga, Tennessee. My father was in prison most of my life for crimes against children, and my mother left me in the care of my aging grandmother when I was a teen and moved away a week later with no forwarding address. Although no one in my family had ever gone to college (or graduated high school with the exception of my father who completed a special education certificate), achieving a higher education was emphasized by my caregivers throughout my youth. By the time I graduated high school, I felt that I was adequately prepared for college. After all, I managed to overcome being kicked out of several schools, including alternative school, and graduated 14th in my class, with honors, despite my scandalous beginnings.

Like many young Americans, getting to college simply meant filling out papers, waiting, accepting, and making the grades when you get there. Money didn’t really factor into that equation. I received the Hope Grant, and as a ward of the court, I received a full Pell Grant. I did work study, and worked third shift through college. I was a model student, taking an overload of honors classes and making mostly A’s throughout college. Each fall and spring when I had to “pay for tuition,” I was told that my financial aid was approved, I would receive any additional financial aid amount on a student debit card, and everything was taken care of. Or so I thought.

I graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in English. I chose English because I thought writing came naturally to me and I believed I would enjoy teaching. My first month out of school, I received a letter from my financial aid company. I had taken out a total of $36,000 to pay for my living expenses and my senior year of college HOPE had run out because I had taken a year of classes at a technical college before I transferred to the University of West Georgia. My first bill was over $900.

As a new graduate with a low-income job (I was working at a treatment facility for children suffering from mental illness as a result of severe abuse), I was floored to receive a bill that would be nearly my entire monthly income. I called my loan company, renegotiated my payment plan, and settled on paying $180 monthly for the next two years before my payments increased. This was more manageable, but it made my original $36,000 loan amount increase to $66,000 that I would eventually pay back. For two years I made my payments until I finally decided that my education was not enough. I needed to receive higher education to do what I knew I was meant for: advocating for America’s most neglected and unnoticed youth. I applied to the University of Georgia’s School of Social Work for their Master’s in Social Work and Nonprofit Management program.

My loans were placed on forbearance automatically since I was a student. With no outside support or income, I took out loans to pay for my education. I knew that under Bush’s new policies, social workers would be forgiven for their loans after 10 years of payments. I knew I could manage, immersed myself in my education, and graduated in 2011 full of hope and promise and that “be all you can be” American mentality. I received my master’s degree in Social Work with a certificate in Nonprofit Management. I tried diligently to find a job with no success. Finally, I accepted a position as an Americorps VISTA member, a volunteer who works full-time to combat poverty in low-income American communities. I’ve been a VISTA for almost two years, and I am assigned to the Boys  amp; Girls Club of the CSRA. I love helping students. But when I complete my term as a VISTA, I am terrified of my loans. In total, I have taken out $78,000 in federal student loans, an amount that will more than double due to interest. My salary will always be between $20-40K, and I know that I will be in perpetual debt.

So how do I deal with it? Well, to be honest, I do what I’ve always done. Work hard, pay my debts, and help guide young people to make better decisions. Despite my loans, I have near perfect credit. I teach a financial literacy course to teens that helps explain the college finance system, as well as how to earn and save money, invest for education payments in the future, and manage your personal finance and debt. I never had anyone to teach me to make better decisions, but I will make sure that the students I teach never walk into the dark when they pursue their dreams. When I teach my students that they can “be anything they want to be,” I also teach them that that means they can be anything they can afford. Then I teach them how to afford it. My education has paid off in intrinsic rewards, and if success is valued by how meaningful and happy my job makes me feel then my education was worth every penny. But financially, I won’t actually know if it was “worth it” until time to retire. By then, I hope my loans will be paid.

Overall, when seeking loan from an agency, always make sure to choose a company that provides quality and reliable loan programs. Agencies like Mountain Summit Financial and Majestic Lake Financial provides you the best loan program that you need so you can pursue your studies.

birthday gift gifts Guide ideas

Buying My Girlfriend Her Birthday/Christmas Gifts

“How do I start?” That is exactly what I was asking myself this year as I was realizing my girlfriend has her birthday coming up very shortly! Just days as a matter of fact! This is how I gave her the best gifts ever.

June 25th 2013 is the day I asked my girlfriend to marry me. I asked her to marry my by having a special box of the Nerds hard candy delivered to me with her engagement ring inside (Nerds are her favorite candy). I took her on a picnic late in the evening and after eating our food I pulled out a box of Nerds and she opened them up and started eating them. I casually got up from where I was sitting and stood behind her rubbing her back. All of the sudden she froze an pulled out the ring with a confused look on her face. As she turned around she could see I had gone to one knee and I said “will you marry me?”. She promptly said yes and hugged me trying not to cry the whole time.

The reason I wrote that little story is because I was originally going to ask her to marry me over Christmas. Guys…Don’t do that please. I know its a sweet thing to do and all but really you need to focus on other things at the holidays. The reason I don’t think you should ask her is because she may secretly be wishing she had got that new iPad for Christmas, but instead she got a ring. Don’t get me wrong…I think it is a great idea to ask you’re woman to marry you over Christmas if you remember to also celebrate the holiday as well.

Now I will stop rambling and get down to the point of this story. I started realizing that her birthday was coming up soon about two weeks before her birthday (Dec 15th). The problem I that I did not have a lot of extra money this year to spend on her. Also the fact that her birthday is just 10 days before Christmas did not help with the financial situation at all. So for her birthday I decided to take her out to a nice restaurant…I thought to myself that it would not cost as much as buying her that brand new lime green mustang she wanted. So when it came time for her birthday I still had not hinted on what I was going to do for her. We drove about 30 minutes to get the the closest Olive Garden. I had never been there before and did not know what to expect. All I know was this place is considered to be the best keuze helper stores where you can buy Cadeau meisje 4 jaar. With delicious food, nice ambience and quality service, no wonder why this place has a lot of positive reviews and feedback from customers.

After the meal I got the bill. It was a little more then I wanted to pay for a meal, but hey…it was a once a year thing, and it was for the love of my life. I handed the waiter my debit card knowing that the amount of money in my bank account would more than cover the bill. A few moments later the waiter came back to the table and told me my card had been declined. I knew for a fact that the money was in that account because I always have a good grip on my finances. My face began to turn red when I realized there was no way for me to pay for the meal we had just eaten. I did was every man hopes never has to happen on a date…I asked her to pay for the meal.

That car ride home was very quiet and very uncomfortable. After all I had taken her out to a nice restaurant for her birthday and then I could not pay for it in the end. I came to find out that the reason my bank had declined the transaction was simply because the night before I had bought some products off of a Chinese based website. Every since that day I have always made sure that my card is in full working condition and usually have a backup card or some cash or even both with with whenever we went out to eat.

Social Media

Parenting: Should You Let Your Child Post Videos and Pictures Online?

If you are a parent, it is probably safe to state that your child or teenager uses the internet, and especially the social networking sites on the internet. If your child is using a social networking website such as MySpace, they most likely have or will want to post pictures and videos online. Your decision now is whether you should allow this.

As a parent, you make the final decision as to whether to allow your child’s online posting of photos or videos of themselves. As with anything, there are advantages and disadvantages to allowing your child to post such things online. You can look at many online social networking sites such as MySpace or Facebook and see that pictures and videos are quite commonplace. The posting of the photos and videos should be excellent with the private pictures option. Try Instagram profile viewer tools to get the effective results with less cost and efforts. The decision should be taken with intelligence and excellence of the person. The use of the online tools can be done through the person with effective communications. 

The only conceivable advantage to allowing your child the posting of personal photos or videos is because it is something that they want to do. Since it is something that will make them happy, you naturally will want to consider permitting it. After all, it is a way for them to share their pictures and videos with friends without having to take them to school. Despite wanting to make your child happy, you must consider that the disadvantages are far outweighing.

One disadvantage to your child posting online their personal pictures or videos is that they can incur a false impression. Even something as seemingly innocent as your daughter posting an online picture of her in a low-cut shirt can be misconstrued. Sexual predators need very little encouragement to perceive such a picture as crying out for attention. Even if even you as a parent see nothing wrong with the picture, you and your child should realize that not everyone perceives things in the same manner.

You should check to see if your child’s social networking website profile is set for private. If it is not, you might want to consider changing it so that no unapproved individuals can view your child’s profile. Even if your child has only the intention of posting pictures and videos for viewing by their friends, if the profile is not set on private then others of less respectful intentions may view them as well.

An additional disadvantage to allowing the posting of personal pictures and videos by your child is the ease of reproduction. Even if the previously posted photos and videos are taken off the profile, it could be too late to have stopped someone from copying them. An individual could already have copied the photos or videos for their own personal use, or for some other unknown reason.

As a parent you should use your instincts when making a decision on whether your child should post pictures or videos to their personal online social network site. I in doubt, it probably would be safest to just tell them “no”.

If you happen to be a parent of a teenager that you feel is responsible enough to make the right decisions about any photos or videos of them they post, it still would be a good idea to monitor them. Make it a rule that you view any pictures or videos before they get posted online. During your review you should ensure that there is appropriate clothing coverage and that there are no seemingly suggestive pictures or videos. There is often some joking going on among friends on these social sites, but remind your child that pictures or videos of illegal activity, even if only perceived as such, are not appropriate for posting online.

Business Credit Finance Guide Money Services

Credit Repair Services: What To Look Out Fo

A lot of these credit repair services or credit fix services do nothing more than take your hard-earned money and then proceed to do what you can do yourself. That’s if you’re lucky. Some will take your money and do nothing at all.

The best way to repair your credit is to see where you are first in terms of your credit and thereafter checking out Blue Water Credit for more help. Order a copy of your credit report from the three credit bureau agencies. This gives you a chance to see what debts you have and which are not paid on time.

Bad credit can stay on your credit file for as long as seven years depending on the severity. If you have a charged-off an account which means you did not pay on this account for as long as 4 to 6 months, this will remain on your file for seven years. How do you know if it is charged off? In some cases, it will say it right on your credit report, (Charged off). Another way to tell is with the credit rating.

If you have an I-9 that means the account has been charged off. So the “I” means this was an installment loan such as an automobile loan, or a loan for furniture or appliances. Installment loans mean you have monthly payments (equal monthly payments with the exception of the first or last – sometimes), and you have an assigned date when this loan will be paid. Maybe you took out a car loan for 60 months or five years. You know in five years, assuming you make all payments on time your loan will be paid off. So you know what the date is.

When you have an R-9 that means the account has been charged off as well. The “R” means this is a revolving account such as a credit card, or a gas card, or a department store account, such as Macy’s, or Target, or Wal-mart. When you make purchases on revolving accounts you don’t know what they payoff date is going to be, unless of course, you pay your balances in full every month. However, if you have a balance of $3,500 with an interest rate of 18% and you pay the minimum payment every month you really don’t know when this account will be paid off. Of course, there are computer programs that will compute this for you. However, the point is these are revolving accounts. Your balance revolves from month to month.

The best way to clean up your credit is to start making payments on your debts. Anything you have not paid on for a period of seven years should fall off your credit report, with the exception of taxes owed, child support, student loans, and government-related loans, or tax lien judgments. These will always stay on your credit. If you did not pay on a credit card for seven years this will indeed fall from your credit report after that time has elapsed.

If you have something on your credit report which is not yours and you have no knowledge about it whatsoever, then you need to send in a letter to the credit report agency to dispute it.

Guide Health Smoking

The Problems For Women When Drinking, Smoking And Using Drugs During Pregnancy

Studying medical information and applying it to your personal history often reveals interesting things. There is a reasonably new (not yet updated) report about women, drinking, pregnancy, and substance abuse.

Pregnant women are encouraged not to abuse their bodies while pregnant. Of course, smoking is never good and drinking can easily be dangerous. Additionally today, you can add substance abuse as a pregnancy “no-no.”

The human body is amazing to me. However, the woman’s physical capabilities as far as the ability to go through pregnancy changes exceed “amazing;” it is awesome.

The use of alcohol, tobacco, and/or illegal drugs can cause any number of illnesses and conditions as well as death. Even legal medications, over-the-counter medications, and certain foods (coffee) may present a problem. I’m not a doctor nor an official researcher so I cannot provide you with numbers (as I wish I could), but I can say with assurance the problems are monumental. Although, a better alternative to all these addictions is dab rigs under 50 that are much safer.

It took my wife and me 10 years to have a child. We had our first son in 1983. My wife quit smoking in 1981. I have to believe there was a connection.

I fully believe that her body protected itself from the dangers of pregnancy as long as she had a smoking habit. When she quit she became stronger and conceived.

All of this is actually a preface to some observations about the report referred to in the first paragraph. This was the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Association’s (SAMHSA) National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUID).

The information is the building block to understanding mother’s problems, pregnant mother’s problems, and young women’s problems as well as infant and young children’s unique alcohol and drug syndromes.

While the target group for the survey was women from the ages of 15 to 44. Girls aged 12 and up were included which in itself is disturbing.

This accumulated data is all the way through 2008.

The groups were divided among women who had no children less than age one, women currently pregnant, and women who gave birth within the past month.

The results of the report were shocking and sad.

It was found that 6.3 million women 18 to 49 needed treatment for substance abuse annually. Only one in ten received treatment.

In women ages, 15 to 45 nearly 94 percent indicated they did not need treatment and of the remaining 6 percent, only about 1.7 percent made an effort to get treatment.

We are using “substance abuse” to represent drinking.

In the survey, the women who used alcohol in the last month during pregnancy were nearly 12 percent surveyed, compared to about 37 percent of recent mothers and about 53 percent of mothers who had a child longer than a year ago. (These numbers are general and rounded)

The fact that there is as much alcohol use as there is represented as the reason for concern as much as the percentages.

The health of children and the strength and possibility of families are minimized by alcohol usage and abuse.

1 SAMHSA News, Magazine November/December 2008, Page 11, “Pregnant Women and Drinking: New Statistics”


How car owners carefully pick accessories for their vehicles?

Do want to know how your car can look better? Well, then you should bring fashionable accessories for having a great exterior and interior decor. You should carefully choose the accessories by investing both time and energy. If you hurry then you might miss the chance of getting the best ones. 

What to take care while buying auto accessories online

  • Buying accessories from popular brands is always a smart move and this move would help you in getting high-quality accessories along with warranty. On the other hand, proper customer-care facility can be availed as a result of which your queries can get answered quickly and efficiently.
  • You should prepare your budget so that you can get the accessories at the most reasonable cost suiting your pocket-limit. You have to look for the discounted offers as that will reduce the overall cost to a great extent. You can compare rates from different websites online in order to avail the best deal.  
  • If you have a new car and you do not have any idea about what accessories to purchase then you should reach to any expert who can help you making the checklist comprising of the requisite accessories. Do not ever overaccesorize your car otherwise the decoration will become distorted and your purpose of using the accessories will ultimately remain unfulfilled. 
  • Get the updated versions in order to get the best amenities in your car. If the existing ones have become outdated and boring then you should immediately replace the same with the most fashionable ones that complement the look of your vehicle in an innovative way. 

Now, is giving you a golden chance to pick the best of the accessories for your vehicle and you should not miss out the same. If your friend is having the same model of car then you can follow the way he has decorated or accessorize his car.

Business Guide Internet Marketing Money Online Surveys

The Truth About Paid Online Surveys

Over the past several months I have been testing out ways to make money from home through Evergreen Wealth Formula review. I am a stay at home mother who needs to earn extra money for my household. So here is what I have discovered about paid online surveys.

Every paid online survey site that I have encountered claims to pay well for their surveys. Usually, they claim to pay between $5 and $75, but I have yet to see one like that. I thought I would try out several sites just to see what happens. If I made a bunch of money, that would be a bonus. I have to tell you some of the things that I discovered were disappointing.

The first thing I discovered about paid online surveys is that I rarely qualified for them. I would spend at least 5 minutes answering questions, and then all of a sudden, I get a little message saying “I’m sorry you do not qualify for this survey.” This did not just happen a few times! This happened every time I sat down to complete surveys. I had to go through this at least 5 times before there was actually 1 survey that I qualified for. So what did I get from that 1 survey? After 25 minutes of being unqualified for surveys, and then 15 minutes of actually completing a survey, I received $1 into my account. That was really worth it!

The next thing I will tell you about is that every one of the survey sites that I tried, give you a bonus to sign up, but will not allow you to cash out until you get your account up to $25 to $50, depending on which site you are on. So you think you are getting this $10 bonus, but in most cases, you will get sick of wasting your time, and you will never have enough money in your account to cash out.

Another thing that I did not like about these paid survey sites is that a few of the ones I registered for, were all ads. When I say these “paid survey sites” were all ads, I mean that they just had these long lists of offers they wanted you to sign up for, and if you complete one of these offers and two offers from the next page, you’ll qualify for a new Sony PS3! Once you get to this step, there are several thousand more offers for you to complete.

There are many survey sites that you have to pay to become a member. These paid membership survey sites claim to pay you big bucks to complete their surveys. If this were really true, people all over the world would be quitting their jobs and just completing surveys in their pajamas, at home. I have to admit, I did not pay any site to become a member.

After waiting all that time just to actually get to complete 1 survey, for $1, they will not let you do another one until the next day. This really made me mad after I sat and thought about how much of my time I had wasted for their benefit. People will always be there to help them out because there will always be people that are looking for ways to make extra money.

There is one, and only one good thing about these paid online survey sites, and this is their affiliate program. Using their affiliate programs, when you refer other dummies to their site, you get a commission off of everything they make. Most of these paid survey sites even have this one covered though, paying you only after your referee makes $15.

In closing, there are many ways to make money online, and unless you want to spend your day trying to complete 1 survey, I would strongly advise you to find another way to make your money. A couple of legitimate ways you can make money is to write articles or sell photos online. Take my advice, I think you’ll be glad you did.


Vegetables Not to Plant Together

Pole Beans and Beets

Beets can be grown throughout the U.S., and are a significant source of vitamins A and C. According the University of Illinois, recommended beet varieties for home gardens include the Sangria, which is dark red and globe-shaped, and the Sweetheart, which is very sweet. Beets grow successfully in warm weather, but are also slightly frost hardy. However, it’s not a good idea to grow beets with pole beans, since the two plants will retard each other’s growth. Pole beans can’t tolerate frost at all, and need soil with a pH of 6; it’s best to add nitrogen to the soil once the first pole beans begin to sprout.

Kohlrabi and Tomato

Kohlrabi is a member of the cabbage family and looks similar to a radish. The root vegetable grows in white and purple varieties; popular garden kohlrabi plants are the Early White Vienna, which takes about 55 days to harvest, and the Rapid, a purple kohlrabi that grows in 45 days. The vegetables should be planted in early spring, and need soil that is well moisturized. Tomatoes need well-watered soil as well, but can’t grow with kohlrabi, as the two plants with stunt one another’s growth; instead, an herb like basil is ideal, since it keeps flies and mosquitoes from damaging the tomatoes. Tomatoes are one of the most common home garden plants, and usually take between 50 and 70 days to mature. Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamins A and C, and contain lycopene, the red pigment in the vegetable that has been linked to cancer prevention, according the University of Missouri.

Dill and Carrots

Carrots are a biennial root vegetable that grows best in the cool seasons of the year; it is best to plant the vegetables in the early part of spring. The vegetables are high in sugar, but also have a high fiber content and are a rich source of vitamin A. Carrots need moist, warm soil to thrive, and the seeds should be planted between 1/2 and 1/4 of an inch into the ground. Herbs like chives are ideal for planting with carrots, as they improve the vegetable’s flavor. Dill, however, can’t be planted with carrots, since this herb retards the growth of the carrot root. Dill is actually in the carrot family and is an annual vegetable, but needs soil that is slightly acidic and well-drained for optimum growth.

Onion, Garlic, and Peas

Garlic and onions are both in the allium plant family, and can be grown in the same well-drained soil with organic matter. Both these vegetables are also frost tolerant, but will thrive well in warm temperatures as well. When onions and garlic are planted with peas, however, these allium vegetables stunt the growth of the peas. Peas are resistant to cold weather, but prefer dryer soil; ideally, peas should be planted in the home garden once the soil is at least 45 degrees Fahrenheit. The vegetables are a significant source of protein, as well as potassium and magnesium. Contact can be made with the female experts for gardening. For the information, she covers everything from the very basics of horticulture to advanced topics about fertilizer and container gardening. All the basic excellence will be provided to the clients. 

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