Read About The Hydrogen-Fueled Powertrain Technology By Zeroavia

Read About The Hydrogen-Fueled Powertrain Technology By Zeroavia

ZeroAvia provides the technology of hydrogen-fueled powertrain to go on replacing the standard engine in a commercial aircraft. The adoption of this very technology not only results in true zero-emission flight, however, also in lower maintenance costs & fuel. The company- zeroavia previously finished its very 1st electric flight in the year 2019 in the US, then built the 2nd flying model in the United Kingdom, and conducted the 1st electric flight in 2020 in June. In Sept 2020, it achieved the world’s 1st hydrogen-electric aircraft of commercial-grade aircraft. 

Further, the firm just completed the ground simulation of a thorough power profile for their upcoming 1st cross-country aircraft. The ground test showed a complete battery abandonment in the flight using the firm’s unique fuel cadre powertrain configuration, providing for the complete elimination of the battery system in the very next configuration of a powertrain.


ZeroAvia is the leader in a zero-emission flight, concentrated on hydrogen-electric flight solutions to address the range of markets, originally targeting a 500-miles range in 10 to 20 seat aircraft utilized for commercial commuter transport, agriculture, cargo, and a lot more. Based in the United States of America and UK, it’s already secured the experimental licenses for its two prototype flights from the FAA and CAA, passed important flight test breakthroughs, and is on track for operation commercially in the year 2024. The firm’s expanding United Kingdom operations are backed by United Kingdom’s Aerospace Tech Institute and Innovate United Kingdom grants. It’s part of the United Kingdom Government’s Council- Jet Zero. 

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