8 Insights Women Needs Know Men

8 Insights Women Needs Know Men

There are some things about the other gender that may take time to figure out. Men and women are just very different in the way they are wired. Here come a few insights for women about men as observed by Amsterdam Elite Outcall Girls. However, you need to keep in mind that everyone is unique and all these pointers may not apply to all men since men might behave differently with different individuals:

  1. Men usually don’t like to be told what to do.

As such, instead of using “Can you…?” when asking for something (e.g. throw the garbage); try “would you…?” instead.

  1. Men have a greater need to be trusted than to be cared for.

So tell him you trust Him. Show him that you trust him.

  1. Never try to change or “improve” a man; then he will change and develop the fastest.

Let nature have its time. We can never change another person; we can only change ourselves and our attitude towards the other person. Usually, which goes both ways, the fastest way to change another person is to change oneself.

  1. A man’s self-esteem is largely determined by his ability to achieve results/reach success.

He thrives when he is admired by his partner. Make it a point to esteem and admire your man; not only for his achievements but also for his attempts to succeed.

  1. Men usually like to solve their problems in solitude, so give time and space for them to do so.

Author John Gray speaks about the man going into a cave to solve his problems, opposite to women, who usually involve others to solve issues. Respect that he needs some privacy to think through things and trust that he will “come out of the cave” when the time is ready.

  1. A man’s greatest fear is to not be good enough or be incompetent.

Once again, here is where his woman plays a crucial part; in good and bad times, it is important to keep trusting and admire your husband. Be his greatest cheerleader and encourager. He needs it.

  1. Treat your man as a passing tornado when he is filled with negative emotions.

He needs the space to sort things out in his mind.

  1. One of the biggest challenges for women in relation to men is to correctly interpret and support a man when he is not speaking.

Once again, give time and space to “enter the cave” (as mentioned above), and try to figure out how you best can support him. Sometimes support is shown by not asking any questions or trying to fish for information about what’s going on.

At the same time, if your man is constantly keeping things for himself, you will need to address it with wisdom; not being afraid of letting him know that you need to be part of his life.

Ladies, if you have these eight points in the back of your mind, it will help you to better understand and support your man, when you naturally can’t seem to figure things out. Remember that women are wired differently and have a lot easier to express and show emotions so you need to give your man time and help him to do so as well.

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