3 Most Important Tombstones

3 Most Important Tombstones

What is a storm? It’s a slab of stone that people use for writing about the people who left the world. The stone can be made of Granite, marble, and more by using different writing styles. 

The hauapiirded consists of the information regarding the person that includes your name, date of birth, date of death, and more. Many Tom stones are available in the market and finding one can be challenging for you. The most common types are given below.

  • Flat Tombstone 

The flat Tom Stone is the type of stone as the name suggests. The stones used for making it are flat and can match the ground level properly. It completely overlaps the ground, and it is 4 inches thick fur writing something. 

Tom stones believe that many types of flats depend on the size you want. But, undoubtedly, it looks beautiful looking at something crafted on the ground.

  • Bench Tombstone 

The next type of Tom Stone is bench Tom Stone. It has not been in much use for the centuries as grave markers. Instead, people use bench Tom Stone in the public areas that are the nice place and reflect their loved ones in the beautiful surroundings. 

The length of the bench Tom stones is commonly 36, 48, and 60 inches, and it comes in many types. Such as there is pedestal bench, park bench, arm bench, harp leg bench, and more.

  • Wing Tombstones 

As the name suggests, this gravestone includes the two wings around it because the supporting vase separates it. 

In the middle portion of the wing, Tom Stone reflects the information regarding the departed soul, such as the individual name, date of birth, marriage date, children’s names, and more.


The most common type of Tom Stone is mentioned above. These are the popular types that people commonly use for engraving the name of their close ones who have left the world.

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