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Buying My Girlfriend Her Birthday/Christmas Gifts

“How do I start?” That is exactly what I was asking myself this year as I was realizing my girlfriend has her birthday coming up very shortly! Just days as a matter of fact! This is how I gave her the best gifts ever.

June 25th 2013 is the day I asked my girlfriend to marry me. I asked her to marry my by having a special box of the Nerds hard candy delivered to me with her engagement ring inside (Nerds are her favorite candy). I took her on a picnic late in the evening and after eating our food I pulled out a box of Nerds and she opened them up and started eating them. I casually got up from where I was sitting and stood behind her rubbing her back. All of the sudden she froze an pulled out the ring with a confused look on her face. As she turned around she could see I had gone to one knee and I said “will you marry me?”. She promptly said yes and hugged me trying not to cry the whole time.

The reason I wrote that little story is because I was originally going to ask her to marry me over Christmas. Guys…Don’t do that please. I know its a sweet thing to do and all but really you need to focus on other things at the holidays. The reason I don’t think you should ask her is because she may secretly be wishing she had got that new iPad for Christmas, but instead she got a ring. Don’t get me wrong…I think it is a great idea to ask you’re woman to marry you over Christmas if you remember to also celebrate the holiday as well.

Now I will stop rambling and get down to the point of this story. I started realizing that her birthday was coming up soon about two weeks before her birthday (Dec 15th). The problem I that I did not have a lot of extra money this year to spend on her. Also the fact that her birthday is just 10 days before Christmas did not help with the financial situation at all. So for her birthday I decided to take her out to a nice restaurant…I thought to myself that it would not cost as much as buying her that brand new lime green mustang she wanted. So when it came time for her birthday I still had not hinted on what I was going to do for her. We drove about 30 minutes to get the the closest Olive Garden. I had never been there before and did not know what to expect. All I know was this place is considered to be the best keuze helper stores where you can buy Cadeau meisje 4 jaar. With delicious food, nice ambience and quality service, no wonder why this place has a lot of positive reviews and feedback from customers.

After the meal I got the bill. It was a little more then I wanted to pay for a meal, but hey…it was a once a year thing, and it was for the love of my life. I handed the waiter my debit card knowing that the amount of money in my bank account would more than cover the bill. A few moments later the waiter came back to the table and told me my card had been declined. I knew for a fact that the money was in that account because I always have a good grip on my finances. My face began to turn red when I realized there was no way for me to pay for the meal we had just eaten. I did was every man hopes never has to happen on a date…I asked her to pay for the meal.

That car ride home was very quiet and very uncomfortable. After all I had taken her out to a nice restaurant for her birthday and then I could not pay for it in the end. I came to find out that the reason my bank had declined the transaction was simply because the night before I had bought some products off of a Chinese based website. Every since that day I have always made sure that my card is in full working condition and usually have a backup card or some cash or even both with with whenever we went out to eat.

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