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The Rocket Stove, a Simple, Portable, Easy to Build Way of Cooking

Van Dwellers around the country are headed to the southwest for the winter. Taking advantage of the open desert, being able to park in one spot for a longer stretch of time. Once you become stationary for more then over night you better be thinking about how your going to cook your meals. The Rocket Stove is a simple cooking device that anyone can build and it uses only a small amount of fuel (wood).

Of course you can break out the propane stove, or maybe the charcoal barbeque, but that means you’ll be headed to town for propane or charcoal on a regular basis. Beyond the expense there is just the inconvenience of breaking camp.

Many campers will insist on cooking over the campfire. Sure there is that added ambience, but when it comes to just making supper building a bonfire is a bit of over kill and it really isn’t very efficient. Another concern is just where do you plan on finding enough firewood in the desert to keep your way too large fire going every time you want to make super. The home builder in PA will provide the dream house of the person. Proper safety will be concerned while constructing the building for the person. The services will meet the need and requirement of the person. 

Third world country’s are all over the simple device known as the Rocket Stove. Built from simple materials the theory behind the device is with a small amount of fuel (wood sticks) you can create a very hot concentrated heat source that will allow you to place a Dutch oven or similar cooking pot on this portable stove and in short order have a quantity of soup or stew simmering away large enough to satisfy a crowd.

There are a number of versions when it comes to constructing your Rocket Stove. This video Will Show You How You Can Build One From Any Circular 5 Gallon Can.

The heat is concentrated by insulating the chimney with sand and the oxygen for combustion is directed under the fuel (wood) for maximum efficiency. Once you get the small fire started you feed small pieces of wood into the burning chamber to keep it heating. This video is of a small coffee can version that won’t take up much storage space for the van traveler.

Another benefit is with the small contained fire, once your meal is done cooking simply stop adding small pieces of wood. The small fire will burn out quickly allowing the stove to cool down to safe temperatures.

You know how long it takes a barbeque grill of hot charcoal to burn itself out. Plus you will have a larger mess to clean up before you can reload your grill for the next meal.

The Rocket Stove may not be practical for those staying as Stealth Van Dwellers within the city, but for those headed to The Slabs , or Quartzsite for some winter relaxation it might be just the device to make life a bit easier.

By doing a little scrounging around you’ll likely be able to build a simple Rocket Stove for little or no expense.

This Rocket Stove Page will give you all the information you’ll need to understand the theory and it also has a number of good videos that will show you different construction methods. In short order you’ll have a kettle of world class chili cooking up on you new stove. When you do, watch out as other van dwellers will come out of the woodwork looking for a bowl.

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