The Rocket Stove, a Simple, Portable, Easy to Build Way of Cooking

Van Dwellers around the country are headed to the southwest for the winter. Taking advantage of the open desert, being able to park in one spot for a longer stretch of time. Once you become stationary for more then over night you better be thinking about how your going to cook your meals. The Rocket Stove is a simple cooking device that anyone can build and it uses only a small amount of fuel (wood). Of course you can break out the propane stove, or maybe the charcoal barbeque, but that means you'll be headed to town for propane or charcoal on a regular basis. Beyond the expense there is just the inconvenience of breaking camp. Many campers will insist on cooking over the campfire. Sure there is that added ambience, but when it comes to just making supper building a bonfire is a bit

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