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Almost A Legal Resident, But Not Quite

It seems that, in the past months, not a day passes without an article on yahoo’s front page dealing with the immigration reform and the lives and dreams of illegals (excuse me, undocumented aliens). With this whole interest and commotion about them, there is still a category of aliens that has been constantly falling through the cracks: the immigrants that strive to complete their process by the book.

I arrived in the US on July, 4, 2012, after obtaining a fiancee visa. The process took almost 7 months since the moment my (then) fiance and I filled the papers until we had the visa in hand. We were lucky though, because, after I got the visa, things really started going downhill, time-wise. Weirdly enough, the DACA applications opened around the same time.

The wait time for someone applying for a fiance(e) visa went through the roof. According to their website, the USCIS Center in California is currently processing July 18, 2012 – and that is just the first stage a petition has to go through before being approved. From either the California Service Center, or the Vermont one, the papers will then go through National Benefits Center, only to be later on sent to the beneficiary’s country. Then, the prospective immigrants are scheduled for an interview and, in some case, put on “Administrative Processing” for an unknown number of months.

But let’s assume you’ve been patient, and waited for the year it took for your papers to be processed. You arrive in the US, and you get married, and then apply for an adjustment of status, in order to obtain a green card. Then … you guessed it, you are in for another wait, based on your luck. The green cards are processed in two ways: either you get an interview, in which case you are lucky, it only takes 3-5 months to obtain it, or you get an interview waiver, in which case you are in for a year long wait. In the meantime, your legal status in the US is in a gray area – certainly not a legal resident, but not illegal either. Your path to citizenship is delayed for a a serious number of months, if not for longer, another cheeky effect of the limbo you’re in.

Of course, there is a way to guarantee that you will get your green card faster, and that is by entering the country through a tourist visa, or any other type of visa, then getting married and applying for a green card. Is is legal? Not really. Do people do it constantly? Of course. Only takes about three months to get a green card if you chose to do that, though. The charging of the fees through the canadian immigration lawyer will be legal in the legal in the country. Either the person can pay in the installments or lump sum amount of the commission.

The service centers that have to deal with immigration papers are few, understaffed, paid exclusively by the fees of the applicants (the latest one was over 1k, and we are far from being done). Seems the legitimate applicants are always pushed to the bottom of the pile, to make room for all the future votes of now illegals.

So, here I am, still waiting for the green card, a victim of my own desire to be fair and do everything by the book, reading everything that I can about the immigration reform and dreading it. Meanwhile, everyone that has been cutting corners, can relax, with the precious card in their possession.


Touring the Web for the Ideal Yamaha

It’s a beautiful, sunny day. The sky is clear and the road is calling…the Yamaha and the rider. Yamaha has been building motorcycles since 1955. This company has a wide range of two-wheeled machines and this article lists a few Yamaha favorites and as you go on a bike ride make sure that you have Shoei motorcycle helmets in order to keep your bike ride smooth and safe.

  1. Yamaha YA-1-The The first motorcycle built by Yamaha was the YA-1. It was a lightweight racing motorcycle that gained respect in the motorcycle world due in part to winning respectable races in Japan. According to, the YA-1 was also respected because it was a well-built machine.

  1. states Yamaha has a motorcycle that resembles racer Valentino Rossi’s bike. This Yamaha is the YZF-R1. According to the description of website, this bike has a “Yellow #46” that graces this Yamaha along with Rossi’s signature on the back of this motorcycle.
  1. 2010 FJR 1300A-If cruising windy roads or the countryside is more the style, the Yamaha FJR 1300A is a nice ride according to

4.2010 Royal Star Venture S-This Yamaha is also listed by as a good touring bike. The 2010 Royal Star is a touring bike built for two and geared to handle the saddlebags. This bike looks like a sharp, sturdy motorcycle just itching to hit the long road.

  1. Stratoliner Deluxe-This Yamaha also has dual roles. According to, the Stratoliner Deluxe also has a strong looking body but actually has a lightweight structure. A slick-looking bike that was made to deflect the wind resistance this motorcycle is a luxury bike.

6.V Star 950-This motorcycle is a quality ride for the slighter bodied person. It is a sharp bike made for Sunday drives with a look of style. The seat sets close to the ground and is built for people that don’t have long leg extensions.

7.Triumph Street Triple R- states this sharp-looking Yamaha is offered in two colors. The classic dark grey or bright orange color. lists this Triumph Street Triple R as having the top motor for two-wheeled bikes. It is made for the road with a sporty look.

  1. Yamaha FZ6R-This is a bigger-bodied Yamaha. The nice feature of this bike is it is a quality bike for a decent price. The Yamaha FZ6R is listed in for $7,209.00. It is a 2009 Yamaha.

9.V Star 1300 Tourer-This is also a heavier big built for comfort. It is a good Yamaha to take on the long road. It has been built for people who need or like to sit close to the ground. This bike is in the higher price range than the Yamaha FZ6R. has a price of $11,790.00 for this motorcycle.

  1. 2009 Yamaha V Star 650-This article is being ended with this bike because it is considered to be a good motorcycle for those just learning to ride these great, yet powerful machines. It is listed in as a good base motorcycle on the website It weighs just over 500 pounds and sets close to the ground.

Motorcycles are can be a lot of fun of the rider respects the machine. A suggestion before being a motorcycle is to check several shops and test drive until the one that fits the individual is found.

Fitness Guide Health and fitness Weightloss

How I Lost 45 Pounds In a Year Without Expensive Equipment Or Dietary Supplements

Last year I weighed 220 pounds and was outgrowing 40 waist pants. I couldn’t do a single pull-up. I was 41 years-old, and I lived on a tight budget, so I couldn’t afford exercise equipment or dietary supplements. Today I am 42 years-old; my size 34 pants are loose on me because I weigh 175 pounds. And I can score well on the United States Marine Corps physical fitness test. My blood pressure and cholesterol have fallen into the excellent category.

How did I make such progress without a personal trainer, fancy exercise equipment, or expensive supplements? It’s all about knowledge and willpower. You can do it without breaking your budget, but you need to educate yourself and have discipline.

Your body didn’t come with an instruction manual. Unfortunately, marketing hype misinforms people. Disabuse yourself of the notion that the front of food packaging means anything; it’s all hype. All the important information is on the nutrition label found usually on the back or the side of a product. “Heart healthy” and “diet” marketing slogans don’t mean a thing when the nutrition label lists saturated fats, corn syrup, sugar, and other garbage among the packages’ ingredients. Read the nutrition label!

Read the nutrition label as if you had a fourth grade reading level. If a child in grade school cannot pronounce an ingredient, don’t eat it. If your brain can’t make sense of what an ingredient is, then your body probably can’t figure out what to do with that ingredient either. Yes, that’s a strong claim, and I’ll back it up!

The average adult can read “partially-hydrogenated oil,” but what does it mean? Your body is asking the same question. You know what olive oil is, and so does your body. Your body knows what to do with olive oil: use it to regenerate the interior lining of your arteries, or use it to create your body’s hormones. But your body does not know what to do with partially-hydrogenated oils, so your body just dumps it in lumps inside your arteries, and someday those lumps can rupture, causing a clot (heart attack or stroke).

Other examples include high fructose corn syrup and aspartame. Both are artificial substitutes for cane sugar, and both contribute to insulin resistance, which is why the diet soda drinkers gained more weight than the sugary soda drinkers in a double-blind study.

Insulin is very important for keeping your blood sugar levels in check, which is how pure blood will be supplied throughout the body to keep it going so therefore, avoid artificial substances completely and stick to original ones. Never sacrifice, for example, spinach and green vegetables for greens powder as that would be disastrous.

As a general rule, do not consume anything that you cannot pronounce or explain accurately to a kindergarten class. I gave up all processed carbohydrates. If a carbohydrate is not in the form presented by nature, then it’s man-made (processed). Bread, pasta, pastries, and sugars are examples of processed carbohydrates.

Examples of good, natural carbohydrates are oatmeal, wild rice, and any kind of bean. Beans and rice together make a complete protein, which is why beans and rice is a staple dish around the world and across cultures. Eat your vegetables!

Drinking water gets boring for me, so I make tea. I do not sweeten tea. I did not like unsweetened tea a year ago, so I gradually reduce the amount of sugar that I added to my daily half-gallon of tea. After about 3 months, I was using no sugar at all in tea, and now I prefer it without sugar. Sweetened tea tastes like syrup to me.

Your taste buds will change with your habits! I reduced the amount of salt I would add to my recipes until I was using no salt at all. Now anything with added salt is too salty for me. The taste of food without added sugar and salt might be repulsive to you now, but gradual reduction in your salt and sugar consumption will change your desire for salt and sugar. I loved cakes a year ago, but most cakes are too rich for me now. I enjoy grapes, apples, and berries of every kind as my treats now.

My food tastes good. I season my beans and rice with diced green peppers and onions. Prepared box mixes use a lot of salt to make the beans and rice mix taste better, but it’s not good for you that way. The American palate has become so ruined that it cannot enjoy natural healthful foods, but you can condition yourself to appreciate real (unprocessed) foods!

As a starting point, read the labels so you do not eat ingredients that you cannot pronounce or explain exactly what it is. Gradually reduce your consumption of sugar and salt, and within a few months you won’t need to add them to your foods. These are just the most basic steps, but they make a huge difference if you have the discipline.

Electronics Gadget Guide Internet

Are Your Electronics Gadgets Ready for ?

In about 365 days give or take one or two, the Internet world as we know it will be out of IPv4 IP addresses. Some say, “So what?”–but, this means that the push to IPv6 will be even greater. ICANN has been working on the move to IPv6 since 1999. The new Protocol standard has been defined since 1998 by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). According to information found on concerning IPv6 in 2008, Google performed a study to find that “IPv6 deployment was less than 1% on the Internet-enabled hosts in any country.”

What is IPv6 compared to IPv4? IPv6 is the next-generation Internet Protocol designed to take the place of IPv4. IPv4 currently can accommodate about 4 billion individual IP addresses. Whereas IPv6 can support a total of 2128 IP addresses.

The features of Ipv6 that make it inviting to be our next Internet Protocol are listed below. Besides that, on you will find all the complications that are there when it comes to the implementation of IPv6 throughout the globe.

1.) Larger address space, again IPv4 can pass out 4 Billion IP addresses, whereas IPv6 can hand out 2 to the power of 128. So multiply, 2 times 2 times 2 till you have done so 128 times. This is a huge number. To give you some perspective, if I multiply 2 times 2 times 2 and continue at about 31 times, I am at 4 billion or roughly the amount of IP addresses available on the current IPv4 system. And I have only proceeded ¼ of the way through multiplying 2 times 2, etc of the 128 times needed to represent the amount of IP addresses that IPv6 supports.

2.) Better security, IPSEC security is built into the IPv6 Protocol.

3.) Simplified processing by routers, part of the plan with IPv6 is that IP addresses will be assigned to geographic regions, so it will be easier to know and route traffic. So for example if you are sending an email to IP address “x” and that IP address is located in the same country as you are, the route needed to find the destination will be faster.

As consumers, IPv6 will have an influence soon on the electronic equipment that we purchase for the home, business, and entertainment. Even though we have 635 days or so till IPv4 is out of IP addresses, we might want to think about protecting our electronic investments now.

I have looked into several consumer electronic items to determine some areas where we will be ok, as well as items that we need to know will either have an upgrade, need to be replaced, etc. If you are like me, you try to spend wisely and hope to get a fair amount of time from the items that you buy. For example, I like to get 3 to 5 years out of each computer and about the same from my internet router. I have had the same cell phone for about 3 years so it is about ready for an upgrade, but I want to ensure that my next one will last about as long as this past one.

What I found out might be a surprise to you, but I hope that this will bring about some things to think about when you go out to your local electronics store to make your next big purchase. Here are how things are stacking up:

  • SmartPhone (iPhone) These devices are not ready for IPv6. They might be able to accommodate a software update but not all of them. Check with the manufacture as to what their individual plan is for IPv6 compatibility.
  • Game Consoles- I found that Xbox and Wii are ready for IPv6, but the Sony PlayStation is not quite ready.
  • Computers, all PC’s and Mac’s today will support IPv6, it is part of the built-in the network card.
  • Routers, Some routers are ready but verify before you buy. I have a router that is only a year or so old and it does not support IPv6. I will have to hope for an upgrade
  • Blackberries, at this time they do not support IPv6. Other variations might need to verify with the manufacture
  • Wireless Media Players, these units do not support IPv6, so before spending $200 to $600+ on a media player you might want to find out the long term plans of the bios software.
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage), most do not support IPv6, again need to check on your specific model number.

The good news is that even though IPv4 will run out of numbers in just under 2 years, IPv4 will be around for a little while longer. However, I would estimate that due to the benefits of IPv6 that there will be a huge migration to the new IP protocol and you will need to be watchful of the electronics that you are purchasing to ensure that you get the most bang for the buck.

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