Touring the Web for the Ideal Yamaha

It's a beautiful, sunny day. The sky is clear and the road is calling...the Yamaha and the rider. Yamaha has been building motorcycles since 1955. This company has a wide range of two-wheeled machines and this article lists a few Yamaha favorites and as you go on a bike ride make sure that you have Shoei motorcycle helmets in order to keep your bike ride smooth and safe. Yamaha YA-1-The The first motorcycle built by Yamaha was the YA-1. It was a lightweight racing motorcycle that gained respect in the motorcycle world due in part to winning respectable races in Japan. According to, the YA-1 was also respected because it was a well-built machine. states Yamaha has a motorcycle that resembles racer Valentino Rossi's bike. This Yamaha is th

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How I Lost 45 Pounds In a Year Without Expensive Equipment Or Dietary Supplements

Last year I weighed 220 pounds and was outgrowing 40 waist pants. I couldn't do a single pull-up. I was 41 years-old, and I lived on a tight budget, so I couldn't afford exercise equipment or dietary supplements. Today I am 42 years-old; my size 34 pants are loose on me because I weigh 175 pounds. And I can score well on the United States Marine Corps physical fitness test. My blood pressure and cholesterol have fallen into the excellent category. How did I make such progress without a personal trainer, fancy exercise equipment, or expensive supplements? It's all about knowledge and willpower. You can do it without breaking your budget, but you need to educate yourself and have discipline. Your body didn't come with an instruction manual. Unfortunately, marketing hype misinforms peop...

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Are Your Electronics Gadgets Ready for ?

In about 365 days give or take one or two, the Internet world as we know it will be out of IPv4 IP addresses. Some say, "So what?"--but, this means that the push to IPv6 will be even greater. ICANN has been working on the move to IPv6 since 1999. The new Protocol standard has been defined since 1998 by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). According to information found on concerning IPv6 in 2008, Google performed a study to find that "IPv6 deployment was less than 1% on the Internet-enabled hosts in any country." What is IPv6 compared to IPv4? IPv6 is the next-generation Internet Protocol designed to take the place of IPv4. IPv4 currently can accommodate about 4 billion individual IP addresses. Whereas IPv6 can support a total of 2128 IP addresses. The featur...

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