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Duck Hunting- Just Like Old Times for Old Times’ Sake

When it comes to fun and entertainment, there are many things that come to mind especially for kids who cannot see beyond toys in their childhood and video games when they reach their teens.

By the time they attain adolescence, it manifests into something bigger and better apart from being quite a dangerous sport called hunting, which by the way is extremely popular in North America even though other nations don’t consider it as a sport in any manner.

There was a time when hunting was practiced all over the world when there was no federal government to worry about and the kings themselves were into this sporting venture by hunting the most dangerous animals in the forests within the boundaries of their kingdom.

Season’s Greetings

Under normal circumstances, this would have been classified as hunting season but the Covid-19 has confined everyone to their homes which is why hunters have no choice but to stay put until a vaccine is discovered.

Duck hunting is quite popular in the United States and Canada where you can find many royal families that teach that learn this sport right from childhood because duck dinner is something they can’t survive without.

However, some people find it difficult to master this technique which is why there is a book called duck hunting for beginners that help them out in this regard where a hunting kit includes the necessary items like net, camouflage, gun, safari jeep and others.

Just choose a good hunting spot like a forest or downtown countryside where ducks are found in large numbers and then start the shootout the moment they are in sight, which is made easier with the duck caller that is used by hunters to lure the ducks.

The most important thing that hunters should have is a license for hunting because there are many that are willing to break the law only to satisfy their thirst for hunting despite knowing the severe penalties involved.


Exploring the Ghost Hunting 101

An increasingly popular international pastime, ghost hunting is definitely one of the weirder ways to spend one’s time. If you want to experience the thrill and scare of ghost hunting this Halloween it’s wise to get a little advice from a more experienced person. I mean, if you’re just looking for some kicks you and your friends could do it all by yourself, I did and had a blast although it wasn’t very productive. However, if you’re in it to actually obtain evidence you’ll benefit from a little guidance especially if you’ve never been to a haunt before. I’ve advised five paranormal teams in the St. Louis area and their tactics ranged from the very technical, relying heavily on equipment, to the very psychical. I’ll share with you what I told each of them on their first investigations, and I began by asking them all WHY?

Why are you seeking to do this? Is it to further the field of paranormal investigation? Maybe you and your friends just want a good scare or perhaps you’re actually responding to someone’s call for help. If you’re doing this for any other reason than for fun then you need something of a plan to direct your activities. If you’re answering someone’s call for help, then make sure you HELP them. Don’t just come in and snap a couple of pictures and leave. Talk to them and address their need because that’s why they called you. What you don’t want to happen on the night of an investigation is have your team roaming around aimlessly doing whatever. Designate a team leader and hash out an itinerary. The plans I’ve devised are quite different from the way many teams are used to operating because they take into account certain paranormal realities that I respect. The purchasing of the best binoculars with camera by should be done through the hunters. There can be hunting of the animals either in team or individual for pleasure. 

Let’s quickly talk about equipment. I recommend a digital camera, a video recorder with low light capabilities and a digital audio recorder. If you have the money and members then IR/UV capturing devices are really cool to have around. Some people also use electromagnetic sensing equipment as they help in identifying sources of EMFs but you don’t need expensive equipment to do a great investigation. Most paranormal evidence comes from audio recorders, still pictures and videos.

Paranormal reality #1:

Spirits can see and hear you! I advise investigators to do all their talking and planning off site and investigate in silence if possible. Think of ghost hunting as an undercover sting operation. The goal is to get evidence of a haunting without giving away your intentions or equipment. Trust me, if there is an intelligent entity on the site it will hear about your plans and devices and may avoid you entirely. If there is one thing that most ghost hunters are doing wrong it’s talking within range of what they are hunting. Some evidence even suggests that more powerful entities, like higher order demons, may even know your thoughts and personal details like your name, fears and weaknesses.

Paranormal reality #2:

Spirits generally don’t respond well to having many people around. After you plan the night, set up your base off site and send in investigators one at a time. This requires a hard boiled team, one that doesn’t scare too easily and run off in panic, but the results are much better. You may have noticed that most paranormal experiences happen to people who are alone or at least isolated from a group. This isn’t because ghosts are scared of a crowd, they just don’t like the commotion. Having only one person on site increases the odds of interaction. The investigator should spend a predetermined amount of time on site. They should walk around snapping pictures and recording video as they go. The audio recording devices, the more the better, should be disguised and planted evenly throughout the space by the first team member. These devices should be left recording and not be moved or handled for the course of the investigation. Sometimes you will catch voices or other sounds recorded after a team member leaves the site and before another one arrives.

Paranormal reality #3:

Our flesh reacts to unseen paranormal energies. Have you ever wondered why the hair stands up on the back of our necks? Why we feel like someone is watching us? Why our hearts suddenly start to race and our breathing becomes agitated for no reason? Unseen entities seemingly evoke an autonomic reaction from us when they are near. This is because our spirits are mysteriously mated to our flesh which enables it to act like something of a detection meter of other-worldly phenomena. I advise all ghost hunters to be keen observers not only of their environment but also of their own physiology during investigations. The best tool for detecting paranormal phenomenon still remains the human body.

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