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Becoming an eBay Powerseller | Make Money Online

Want to join the elite ranks of being an eBay powerseller? Having that Powerseller symbol next to your name not only conveys prestige, but it also tells your buyers that you’re a proven seller they can trust. Your business will go up significantly just by becoming a powerseller. How do you become a powerseller? Here are a few tips. Money Is Made in the Buying It’s more important that you find low-cost wholesalers, manufacturers and suppliers than just about anything else you could do. If you’re paying $2 apiece while the competition is paying $5 apiece, you’ll be making more money than them hands down. The money in eBay is generally made through the buy rather than the sell. The closer you can get to the manufacturer and the more middlemen you can cut out, the better. S...

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