Will It Ever Be Legal To Grow Hemp In The Us

The biggest problem facing the hemp industry right now is the continued interference by the Federal Government not allowing farmers to grow industrial hemp. This means that all American manufacturers have to import hemp from overseas and it’s definitely had a negative impact on our ability to grow the industry. Vote Hemp was founded in 2000 to work with politicians to allow American farmers to grow industrial hemp. Since then we have been actively working, advocating and educating and variety of state legislators. Seventeen different states have passed hemp legislation either as resolutions, bills or studies, all seeking to get farmers to be able to grow hemp again. In fact we just had a bill passed through Californian legislature couple of weeks ago and its now sitting on govern

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Almost A Legal Resident, But Not Quite

It seems that, in the past months, not a day passes without an article on yahoo's front page dealing with the immigration reform and the lives and dreams of illegals (excuse me, undocumented aliens). With this whole interest and commotion about them, there is still a category of aliens that has been constantly falling through the cracks: the immigrants that strive to complete their process by the book. I arrived in the US on July, 4, 2012, after obtaining a fiancee visa. The process took almost 7 months since the moment my (then) fiance and I filled the papers until we had the visa in hand. We were lucky though, because, after I got the visa, things really started going downhill, time-wise. Weirdly enough, the DACA applications opened around the same time. The wait time for someo...

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