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Tips For A Smooth Diy Moving Day

It has happened to all of us before and it’ll undoubtedly happen again…we move out of state and the horror begins. Not just any moving day, but a “Do It Yourself” moving day. Oh, what a pain these are. At least if you have professional movers helping they can carry some items, properly pack the truck and drive the truck to your new residence. DIY moving day is much more of a hassle, especially if you aren’t the one moving and are simply helping a friend or family member move. Hey, it’s only fair. They helped you move and now it’s your turn. It’s how these things work, a big cycle. Below are a few tips on how to make the move easier for all of you.

  • Offer to Drive

This is a small move but a nice gesture. Most of your friends and family will most likely drive themselves but it is nice to offer to drive them. After a long day of moving some may want to rest and relax rather than drive themselves home.

  • Have Most of Your Stuff Ready

Take your bed apart, remove clothes from dresser drawers, pack up boxes and have them ready to go by the door, but smaller items in your car. Be sure to have everything loaded and completed into boxes so all you have to do when your reinforcements arrive is the heavy lifting. No one wants to sit around and wait for you to do all of the little things before you’re ready to load the truck.

  • Offer Food and Drinks

Pizzas, sandwiches, and burgers are fairly standard staples of moving day. It’s nice to have a meal after or even during the move. Lugging all of your heavy furniture around is hard work and builds up an appetite. Drinks and other refreshments should be available too. If it’s hot, offer cold beers and if it is cold hot chocolate is always a favorite.

  • Take Breaks

You may want to get the move done as quickly as possible but your friends and family might not be moving as fast. You can move at your own pace and let the others do their own thing as well. It’s not a race. Be safe, take breaks and enjoy some snacks, especially if it is hot outside. Several of you can continue working while a few are taking breaks and then you can switch. Buddy system!

  • Thank Them

This should be a no-brainer but be sure to personally thank each person who helped you move. Beyond the beers, snacks, and food a sincere thank you will go a long way. Remember, these people didn’t have to help you move, they did it because they wanted to. Heck, if the move went off without a hitch, they may even volunteer the next time you move.

These are a few simple tips to help your DIY move go a bit smoother. A few nice gestures will go a long way on a stressful moving day. Should you need the extra room or a self-storage unit during your move lists thousands of local self-storage facilities nationwide.

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