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How Does This Share Pro Work?

If you want that, your music should be listening by the tastemaker and loved by them. Then you can take help from the share pro where you can submit your music, and they will give you the feedback. Now, most people may want to submit their music and want to work with the share pro, but they do not have an idea on how to do it. Then do not worry because here you will learn about how the share pro works, so if you want to know, then keep reading!!

Here are the points that are mentioned below, which will explain that how this share pro works-

  • Submit your music- 

The first thing you need to do is submit your music to paste the link of your music on popular music websites such as YouTube, Spotify, or you can just share it to the share Pro.

  • Get a response in 48 hours- 

They will track your plays, reply on it, view them, and share them just to make sure, and they will give you the response in just 48 hours.

  • Get back to you with opportunities-

 After 48 hours, they will get back to you with so many opportunities. They will send you the message or share the music on the different platform on there and will also give you so many tips. They may also offer you the deal to record for them and give you the record label submissions

  • Discover and network-

 The website has tie-up with so many music industry professionals, and you can make contacts with them and may get the chance to work with them.

  • No reply in 48hours, then you will get the refund- 

If you do not get the reply or any feedback from them in 48 hours, they will just give your money back to you.

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