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Our Body’s Cells, And The Importance Of Good Nutrition

We know that good nutrition is important, but do we know why? Do we know how the vitamins and minerals work in our body, on the inside of us where our cells reside? I often tell my children that eating is about life and health, not just about enjoyment. Though it is important to enjoy our food, the whole point of eating is to garner the nutrition which helps our body function at the optimum level possible. Eating is about life, more specifically, your life. When you feed your cells, it is to your benefit because each cell in your body is alive and kicking. If you take care of them, they take care of you.

Each of your cells is an individual life and entity of its own, and you have millions of them working cooperatively for you. There are three crucial things that happens to your food before it plants itself firmly on your hips. The food makes energy (for you), it repairs your infrastructure and it makes red blood cells, epinephrine. neurophils and other stuff. When your body makes a new red blood cell, it lasts for 120 days.

You need the building blocks (food) to make a healthy, active and strong immune system, normal hemoglobin and neurophils. A neurophil will only last 24 hours so they are constantly having to be replaced with good quality building blocks. The internal rules governing your body is a strict one, so each cell will do the job it is born to do, it won’t veer off into free-thinking bliss. In a normal working body system, when a cell loses its vitality, it simply dies off and is replaced with a new one.

Your body is always making cancer cells. When proper building blocks are consistently given, and the internal mechanisms are in good working order, your body is also zapping the cancer cells off as quick they come around. The natural killer cell keeps a 24 hour vigilant watch for any unnatural activity that is occurring, scoots on over to the rebel, zaps it with poison and is on his merry way to fight another battle. Your killer cell, and all of the other ones, function with as must zest as they can muster, depending upon the energy it has been given to work with.

How important is nutrition for fighting off cancer, trauma or any disease? Ask a person who is sick. They know how important it is, because by then they are eating for their life.

So, what is the best diet to keep things working optimally on the inside, where the cells work? Since every cell in your body is a living, it is important to eat living foods. Living foods also have living cells which work in conjunction with our living cells. Yes, a balance of protein, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables are the building blocks of life. Twinkies are okay sometimes, but if you indulge too often your system will eventually become compromised. For more information about nutrition and on how you can live  a healthy life and free from any diseases, you can visit websites like Nutshell Nutrition. This website gives you the right information you need about nutrition and healthy diet.

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