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The Truth About Paid Online Surveys

Over the past several months I have been testing out ways to make money from home through Evergreen Wealth Formula review. I am a stay at home mother who needs to earn extra money for my household. So here is what I have discovered about paid online surveys.

Every paid online survey site that I have encountered claims to pay well for their surveys. Usually, they claim to pay between $5 and $75, but I have yet to see one like that. I thought I would try out several sites just to see what happens. If I made a bunch of money, that would be a bonus. I have to tell you some of the things that I discovered were disappointing.

The first thing I discovered about paid online surveys is that I rarely qualified for them. I would spend at least 5 minutes answering questions, and then all of a sudden, I get a little message saying “I’m sorry you do not qualify for this survey.” This did not just happen a few times! This happened every time I sat down to complete surveys. I had to go through this at least 5 times before there was actually 1 survey that I qualified for. So what did I get from that 1 survey? After 25 minutes of being unqualified for surveys, and then 15 minutes of actually completing a survey, I received $1 into my account. That was really worth it!

The next thing I will tell you about is that every one of the survey sites that I tried, give you a bonus to sign up, but will not allow you to cash out until you get your account up to $25 to $50, depending on which site you are on. So you think you are getting this $10 bonus, but in most cases, you will get sick of wasting your time, and you will never have enough money in your account to cash out.

Another thing that I did not like about these paid survey sites is that a few of the ones I registered for, were all ads. When I say these “paid survey sites” were all ads, I mean that they just had these long lists of offers they wanted you to sign up for, and if you complete one of these offers and two offers from the next page, you’ll qualify for a new Sony PS3! Once you get to this step, there are several thousand more offers for you to complete.

There are many survey sites that you have to pay to become a member. These paid membership survey sites claim to pay you big bucks to complete their surveys. If this were really true, people all over the world would be quitting their jobs and just completing surveys in their pajamas, at home. I have to admit, I did not pay any site to become a member.

After waiting all that time just to actually get to complete 1 survey, for $1, they will not let you do another one until the next day. This really made me mad after I sat and thought about how much of my time I had wasted for their benefit. People will always be there to help them out because there will always be people that are looking for ways to make extra money.

There is one, and only one good thing about these paid online survey sites, and this is their affiliate program. Using their affiliate programs, when you refer other dummies to their site, you get a commission off of everything they make. Most of these paid survey sites even have this one covered though, paying you only after your referee makes $15.

In closing, there are many ways to make money online, and unless you want to spend your day trying to complete 1 survey, I would strongly advise you to find another way to make your money. A couple of legitimate ways you can make money is to write articles or sell photos online. Take my advice, I think you’ll be glad you did.

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