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Ladies Watch Your Purses At Hollywood Night Clubs

Ladies, when you walk into a Night Club anywhere in Hollywood or the USA, looking good, carrying your Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Belen Echandia or Dolce Gabbana etc. purse, you can rest assure there are a dozen people who already have a plan to steal it.

I work in Los Angeles, Hollywood California as a Police Officer where there are over 250 night clubs in a few square miles and one of the bigger crime reports I take every day is the, theft of a purse.

Besides the purses that are left on the front seat of a parked car where thieves break into your car and steal them, most of the stolen purses are stolen from Night Clubs where ladies put them down on the tables, on the backs of chairs or next to them on the booth and do not pay attention. As the night goes on the plot of the thief is to get close enough to strike when your head is turned and you least expect it.

Criminals make a living at stealing purses from Night Clubs

Most ladies will carry cash hundreds of dollars and keep several credit cards in their wallets, not to mention identification, social security cards etc. So, when a thief steals your purse, you can bet that within minutes your credit cards will be used, either at the club itself to order $100 or $1,000 of dollars of alcohol, food and services or used to withdraw cash at a near-by ATM or used at a store, usually a CVS, 7-11, gas station or stores that are opened 24 hours and racked up as fast as possible… It is such as easy way for the thief to make several hundred or thousands of dollars each weekend.

There have been numerous thefts that have taken place in the past few years where I too became a narrow victim so therefore I take care to maintain caution during my frequent ventures in the nightclub as thieves would resort to anything for some extra cash and Lavelle club is one such place that is notorious for purse and other valuables getting stolen at the drop of a hat and there is little that the authorities have done to handle the situation.

Safety tips

Ladies when you go out on the town, you should only carry three items that can be kept in a plastic holder and safety pinned under your dress. Those items are; identification, one credit card and a $20 dollar bill.

Think about it ladies, you may need the ID to get into the club and a credit card to get home or for emergencies but, you DO NOT NEED CASH because how many times are you even paying for drinks? Ladies, you should never pay for your own drinks… work those idiotic guys, they are expecting to pay for your drinks. It is the name of the game, however, remember you owe them nothing.

What to do if you notice your purse gone

If you are sitting at a table and you notice your purse gone, run right to the ladies restroom. Your purse will most likely be in the trash or sitting in a toilet stall where the thief rifled through it and left behind what they did not want. The thief will get rid of it as fast as they can because they don’t want to be caught with it so, you may have a chance to recover some items. You can also have security or another man look in the men’s restroom.

Call your Bank right away

Contact your Bank right away if your purse is stolen and cancel your credit cards.

File a Police Report

You are a victim where your purse was stolen, so you will need to go into the local Police Station of the area and file a Police report for, “Theft”. List all the items in your purse and obtain a “Police Case Number” to give to your Bank.


Ladies, the safest way to have an enjoyable time out on the town, at a Night Club or in Hollywood California is to carry as little as possible with you. Forget about trying to impress anyone with expensive hand bags, purses and clutches because the only people you are impressing… is the thief.

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