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Signs You May Need Oral Surgery

It’s easy to tend to ignore when there is something wrong with our oral health. Although most of the time, our teeth are strong enough to heal themselves, we should not test their ability and take sufficient care to maintain oral health.

Here are a few signs that you should definitely consider consulting an oral surgeon in Los Alamitos:

  • Loose or Impacted Teeth

If you have a loose or impacted tooth, and it is left untreated that can create underlining issues, which can bring more pain in the future. It is recommended to visit a skilled oral surgeon and take a look at the situation and whether you are viable for dental implant, bridge, or dentures. There can be persistent pain, swelling, fever, signs of infection, or uneasy feeling due to impacted teeth.

  • Facial Infections

Occasional pain and swelling in the neck, jaw, and face can also happen due to facial infections. These are generally easy to treat. However, it can also turn into a life-threatening issue if not addressed properly. Thus, it is absolutely necessary that you visit your oral health professional for any facial discomfort.

  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

This complex term refers to persistent facial pain and headache as the dysfunction is a small joint in front of the ear where the lower jaw and the skull meet. Even though oral medications and physical therapy are recommended, ultimately, a surgical procedure may be necessary at some point.

Surgeries often tend to scare us, but oral surgeries can be very effective and worth the investment.

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