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8 Insights Women Needs Know Men

There are some things about the other gender that may take time to figure out. Men and women are just very different in the way they are wired. Here come a few insights for women about men as observed by Amsterdam Elite Outcall Girls. However, you need to keep in mind that everyone is unique and all these pointers may not apply to all men since men might behave differently with different individuals:

  1. Men usually don’t like to be told what to do.

As such, instead of using “Can you…?” when asking for something (e.g. throw the garbage); try “would you…?” instead.

  1. Men have a greater need to be trusted than to be cared for.

So tell him you trust Him. Show him that you trust him.

  1. Never try to change or “improve” a man; then he will change and develop the fastest.

Let nature have its time. We can never change another person; we can only change ourselves and our attitude towards the other person. Usually, which goes both ways, the fastest way to change another person is to change oneself.

  1. A man’s self-esteem is largely determined by his ability to achieve results/reach success.

He thrives when he is admired by his partner. Make it a point to esteem and admire your man; not only for his achievements but also for his attempts to succeed.

  1. Men usually like to solve their problems in solitude, so give time and space for them to do so.

Author John Gray speaks about the man going into a cave to solve his problems, opposite to women, who usually involve others to solve issues. Respect that he needs some privacy to think through things and trust that he will “come out of the cave” when the time is ready.

  1. A man’s greatest fear is to not be good enough or be incompetent.

Once again, here is where his woman plays a crucial part; in good and bad times, it is important to keep trusting and admire your husband. Be his greatest cheerleader and encourager. He needs it.

  1. Treat your man as a passing tornado when he is filled with negative emotions.

He needs the space to sort things out in his mind.

  1. One of the biggest challenges for women in relation to men is to correctly interpret and support a man when he is not speaking.

Once again, give time and space to “enter the cave” (as mentioned above), and try to figure out how you best can support him. Sometimes support is shown by not asking any questions or trying to fish for information about what’s going on.

At the same time, if your man is constantly keeping things for himself, you will need to address it with wisdom; not being afraid of letting him know that you need to be part of his life.

Ladies, if you have these eight points in the back of your mind, it will help you to better understand and support your man, when you naturally can’t seem to figure things out. Remember that women are wired differently and have a lot easier to express and show emotions so you need to give your man time and help him to do so as well.

Guide Relationship

Everything You Need To Know To Avoid A Bad Date

Having a bad date is not the end of the world! If this one didn’t go well, the next one will be better. And
if your partner is interested more in you rather than the date that screwed up, she’ll stay. After all, it’s
practically an epidemic, it happens with so many couples. Something unexpected happens (or the
expected doesn’t happen), and it is taken straight to the heart. If you want to avoid a bad date, then you
can choose Hotel Girls Amsterdam on a date. You can meet them at the online sites and contact them
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the first date with a girl.

Dates are definitely a combined effort by both parties. Even if one of you make a mistake, the entire
evening will be spoiled (not literally).

Have you ever been on a date? If you haven’t, you must definitely ask someone with experience what
the actual problems or hindrances can be to a smooth evening well spent with your beloved. From my
perspective, there are many potential missteps which, if rectified, will bring fruitful results and romance
in your life.

Go ahead and lay out the anything and everything that can make your perfect evening not-so-perfect.
You can take a heads up from your date and plan accordingly. Remember: if you plan well in advance
and put in a lot of effort, it’ll definitely count and will bring in a positive outcome.

Here are some pitfalls to avoid:

Overdoing it

It is understood that you want your relationship to bloom, but a date is just a beginning. You might want
to stick to the basics while planning your date with someone new. Like, in my case, one of my dates felt
that all the flowers, the venue, the gifts and the day spent was a lot and she left. On the other hand, the
next time, when I avoided doing so much for my date, she left feeling I was not invested.

There will always be something that you want to do, but make sure that you know your date and plan
things accordingly. After all, if she ain’t happy with what you do or what you don’t, the whole idea of
doing it will go down the drain.

The hush-hush situation

You might have fallen for your other half after about 3 months of getting to know her. Or you took
almost 6-8 months figuring out what kind of a person she is before you planned your first date. If you do
anything and everything in a hush-hush manner, you’ll surely make a mistake. From arranging the day,
to the date, to the venue and how to dress, make sure you take it slow, steady and stay organized. Take
it slow and steady with the preparations, and clue her in.

Build up the confidence

When you are doing everything step by step, making sure that nothing is left undone, confidence creeps
effortlessly. Every woman loves to have a partner who is confident. If you aren’t confident, it’ll show on
your face. With the tension building up and questions like, “Will everything be okay?” “Will she like my
gift?”, “I just hope the day goes smoothly’” and more, the confidence level drastically comes down.

If you choose a step-by-step planning approach, this won’t be a problem for you. Your focus will be
where it should be.

Choose your clothes well

Dates days are not ordinary or regular days! If you pull out what you generally wear on the weekends,
you might not come across as an impressive person. This occasion calls for something that you would
love to wear to leave a long-lasting impression. Don’t go too formal with the tux or suit or way too
casual with shorts for your date. Make sure you balance the best of both formal and casual to look your
best. A pair of denim jeans with a casual shirt or a neatly dressed formal pair of pants and shirt would be
ideal options.

Don’t be a show-off

Be the person who you are! Don’t try to show off your gadgets, clothing or how superior you are while
on a date. This will get you into trouble. Nobody likes a show-off. Whether it your brand new Armani
watch or your latest smartphone that you recently bought, DO NOT show off your accessories.

Don’t be late

A woman who takes hours to get ready for a date (this is not every woman) believes in reaching the
venue on time and hence, starts getting ready early. Late arrival for a date is a bad start to the evening
and it is considered to be bad manners as well. So, make sure you finish whatever is there on your plate
well in advance and start preparing yourself in order for a timely arrival.

In fact, arriving before your ladylove and welcoming her as a host would be very welcome by her, and
increase the chances of greater intimacy later in the evening.

Don’t stay on the phone

When you are with someone special, what is the phone doing between you two? Did you know that the
majority of the relationships shatter because the significant others spend more time with their phones
rather than the person itself? Well, if you want your date to be a successful one, consider keeping your
phone switched off or at least on the silent mode to avoid a lot of distraction between your
conversation with your partner. Get your work done beforehand so that no one disturbs you at that

Make it a two-way traffic

Romantic evenings are either the times when you go completely quiet and have nothing to talk about
or, out of stress, you talk a lot. I talk a lot when I’m stressed which has caused me date failure many
times. The one thing I’ve learned is to keep a balance between what you have to say and how much you
listening. A good listener is for sure a better date.

The above tips are based on my personal experiences or those of my friends. I hope they help you set up
and enjoy your perfect date.


What It Takes To Date – Know the tips 

I was trying to figure out why I am still single and seem only capable with keeping up with an occasional late night call from my favorite lover. It dawned on me that the effort it takes to go one date may be what’s been my biggest road block. Let me take you through what needs to happen on a typical day in my life in order to go on one simple date. When I schedule a 7:30 date, usually on a Saturday, I need to spend the whole day preparing. My day begins at 6AM wake up call from my little four year old hugging me and asking we can wake up. I tell him we can not since it is still dark out but I suppose the question was meant to be rhetorical because now he is jumping on me and talking non- stop so – we are up! I down coffee and cook breakfast then I give Rivers a small LEGO set so I can buy some time and shower for the night.

If I don’t do it now, it will not happen. I shower and shave, just in case, you never know what might happen when you are exhausted and on wine. I braid my wet hair for two reasons; one, I have used up my free time as I hear Rivers calling me from downstairs and two, I’m hoping for a sexy beachy wave with minimal work later. Now it’s time for a day out, could be pool, beach, playdate, birthday party, whatever. We get home at 3Pm from a full day of chasing, monitoring, negotiating, and fun. During an hour of home play , I try to sneak away to pick an outfit for the evening. Rivers finds me in the closet and before I know it has taken down all my shoes but I don’t mind because at least he helps me with my clothing selection.

He actually has pretty good taste. We settle on all black with a nice heel. I lay the clothing out and pack my clutch and put shoes and bag by the door ready to go. Time to cook dinner! I cook a healthy home made meal. I usually eat dinner with Rivers at 5:00 Pm so I am starving but try not to eat since I am going out to dinner. But, while cleaning up I scarf down his left over mac and cheese with peas. Now we are getting into crunch time. While the bath is filling up, I apply my makeup quickly and undo braid. Support undergarments go on and I throw on a robe. Rivers gets in the bath and I finish blow drying and styling hair in his bathroom. PJS,stories, and then cuddling while I try my hardest not to fall asleep. By the time I come out my mascara is a bit runny from cuddling and Rivers is probably covered in black. I throw my outfit on, creep downstairs, and down a quick espresso shot.

My Dad arrives while I am calling the UBER with a few minutes to spare so I am not late. Did I mention that my Dad is my usual babysitter? This does not make a sexy scenario any easier. I either have to hide a person in the bushes or have them meet my dad right out of the gate, neither seem appealing so a night cap will be out of the question. I also expect to find Rivers sleeping in my bed when I get home, certainly not the threesome a man is hoping for. I arrive at the date exhausted and half disheveled but must pretend I am not. I am to never mention my son or day and must listen attentively while looking interested and laughing in the right places. All I am thinking about is getting home in time to watch tonight’s Housewives. Is it worth it? You need to know about the member xxl opinions for the purchasing of the supplement. The choosing of the correct place for the purchasing of the products is essential for the people. The meeting of the needs and requirements is possible for the people.


How To Make Him Stay In Love With You Forever?

Relationships are an essential part of our lives as, without it, one fails to get enough love, care, affection, and emotional support in his or her life.

In today’s generation, it is quite challenging to maintain a relationship as people’s interests change quickly and to maintain a healthy relationship; you need to keep the love alive in your bond.

If you want your love with your partner to be everlasting, then you must know how to make him fall in love with you forever. There are some great tips that can help you to make him fall in love with you forever.

Things to keep in mind to make your love with your partner long-lasting


Compatibility is the key to every relationship. If you are not compatible with each other, then the love between you won’t last long. If you want to go a long way in the relationship with your partner, then you must compatible with each other. You must enjoy your time when you are around each other, avoid fights, and care about each other’s feelings. Without compatibility, you won’t be able to make him love you forever.

Be real

Men love real girls, so if you want your man to love you forever, then you must show him your real side. Being real helps you to enhance your bond and also ensures you that he loves you for who you really are. It will increase the trust between you and will make his love for you last forever.

Gain his trust

Trust is the base of any relationship. If you can gain his trust, then he will surely love you forever. You must make him feel like home so that he won’t hesitate while sharing anything with you.

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