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PC Repair Shack: Affordable, Friendly Computer Repair in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky

I don’t have particularly good luck with computers and thanks to this misfortune I have had both my desktop computer and my laptop computer in the repair shop within the last year. Thankfully I have discovered an honest, reasonably priced place to take my computers for repair. Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky residents need look no further than the PC Repair Shack in Florence, KY for honest and affordable computer repair.

The PC Repair Shack in Florence, KY is really just that: a shack. The small building located on the downtown strip in Florence looks like a little shot gun house and houses both the PC Repair Shack and England’s TV Repair. Upon entering the PC Repair Shack patrons see walls full of computer pieces and parts, broken television sets, and a few retail items for sale. A small desk at the back of a long corridor belongs to the owner and his little dog typically comes out to happily greet you.

Each time I have left my computer to be repaired at PC Repair Shack, I have been given a quote before leaving the store. A $20 deposit is required. When I returned to pick up my computers each time at the PC Repair Shack, the actual price was less than what I was quoted. This was a pleasant surprise and let me know that I might be dealing with a more honest service person than some.

What is important is that the repair shack has its own charm and the deposit is basically like an assurance that you have come at the right place because they are quite up to their job something that you would find on websites like where you can get the best repair jobs ever.

When my desktop PC stopped working I called a known national chain that offers computer repair. I was told that I would be charged $100 just to bring my computer in and that they would add on labor and parts in addition to that fee. When I decided to take my computer to PC Repair Shack instead, the total cost was only $70 including everything. At my most recent visit to PC Repair Shack in Florence, KY I was in for laptop repair. The repairman installed a years worth of Norton AntiVirus (even though I did not ask for this) and did not charge me for it. This was a wonderful surprise.

With both of the repairs I have received from PC Repair Shack there have been no further problems. My computers have worked perfectly after the repairs and I was even given some tips from PC Repair Shack has how to keep the problems from happening in the future. The turnaround time for my computer repair from PC Repair Shack was very quick. My laptop was done in less than 24 hours and my desktop took 3 days. When the repairman apologized for the long wait, I was surprised considering 3 days didn’t seem like long at all to me.

If you live in the Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati area and you need computer repair (and who doesn’t at some point?) it may be well worth taking your computer to PC Repair Shack on Main Street in Florence, KY. The friendly and competent service and excellent prices are reminiscent of a time when customer service and quality service were the top priorities of repair shops. Visit PC Repair Shack to support small business and get exactly what you need in computer repair.

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