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How To Make Perfume Last Without Overdoing It

Have you ever been walking down a crowded aisle in a supermarket? Have you ever been caught up in the flow of pedestrian traffic on a crowded sidewalk? Chances are you have done one or the other in your lifetime. It doesn’t matter whichever you have done, you most assuredly happened upon that one person whose perfume smells like it was poured on them out of a bucket. Why do they overdo it? What’s the point? It’s almost like they have no senses. Can’t they SMELL themselves? Why aren’t THEIR eyes watering?

I have caught myself thinking, as I was trying to learn how to get over the dizziness inflicted upon me by that overbearing, lingering scent; why don’t more women know how to put on their perfume anymore. Mothers used to teach their daughters the correct way to apply perfume. What happened? Have we become so busy as a society that we don’t even know the fundamentals anymore?

There are a few strategic areas on the body where you can put your perfume and be able to make the most out of a small amount. Not only will it help you save on how much you use, but it will also effectively utilize your own body heat to slowly release the fragrance. Most importantly you won’t overdo it and leave scores of unknown sufferers in your wake.

First and foremost, when you buy perfume, try and get it in an atomizer bottle, or in a bottle that has a glass stopper on it. This not only allows you to put it where you want, but it also lets you control how much you put on. Some perfumes nowadays come in a bottle that has a built-in sprayer. Those things will hose you down with so much perfume that you’ll turn into one of those women whose scent is left to trail behind them like a flashing neon sign.

When you begin your day, and I know this will sound odd to some, put your perfume on before you get dressed; this is the placement that we talked about earlier. The best places to put your perfume are as follows; using the atomizer or glass stopper apply small amounts to:

1) The backs of the knees

2) Across the abdomen

3) In the cleavage area

4) In the end of the elbows

5) On the wrists

6) On both sides of the neck

If you do it this way you will be using less perfume, and the heat from your body will help to release the fragrance when you need it most; in times of stress or anxiety. Ever get into an elevator with a cute guy? Then you’ll know what I’m talking about here. Use the above method and the scent that you leave behind will be memorable, not dreadful.

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