How To Make Perfume Last Without Overdoing It

Have you ever been walking down a crowded aisle in a supermarket? Have you ever been caught up in the flow of pedestrian traffic on a crowded sidewalk? Chances are you have done one or the other in your lifetime. It doesn't matter whichever you have done, you most assuredly happened upon that one person whose perfume smells like it was poured on them out of a bucket. Why do they overdo it? What's the point? It's almost like they have no senses. Can't they SMELL themselves? Why aren't THEIR eyes watering? I have caught myself thinking, as I was trying to learn how to get over the dizziness inflicted upon me by that overbearing, lingering scent; why don't more women know how to put on their perfume anymore. Mothers used to teach their daughters the correct way to apply perfume. What happe

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