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It is important to spend time on those tasks which add value to your life. Successful time management increases your productivity, effectiveness and efficiency, and gives you more time for the finer moments of your life. Time management and self improvement tools bolster your self-image by giving a sense of accomplishment and achievement.

Time management and getting organised can be easily done with the help of tools. There are a host of tools available to help you in managing your time and getting yourself organised. Some of these tools are extremely simple and are as simple as a piece of paper, and some of them are top of the line electronic devices and special applications. Some of the tools are briefly enumerated as follows:

To do lists  To prepare a to do list takes nothing more than a piece of paper, a pen and a few minutes of your time. Yet it is one of the most basic and yet effective tools of time management. It gives you a sense of purpose and definite goals to achieve.      Activity logs  Activity logs are the logical corollary of a to do list. They help in monitoring how you really spend your time during the course of a typical day. When reconciled with the to do list, it will help you in doing the necessary course correction.      Filing Systems  A place for everything and everything in its place. This timeless adage is true in case of documents also. Prepare a filing system which will help you in keeping your documents properly organised. Remember, a filing system is meant to help you find the documents easily, and not to lose them conveniently.     

White boards/planning boards  White boards and planning boards are of great help when there is a group involved in handling a task. They act as a to do list and activity logs for the group as a whole. They are also helpful in charting the progress of the group over the course of time.     

Planner/Calendar  A simple yet elegant tool. They are very effective in medium and long term planning. Can be effectively used for remembering of schedules, important dates, appointments and meetings. Can be simply purchased from the nearest store, or you can use the electronic version on your computer.     

Handheld Devices/PDAs  A hand held device or a PDA (personal digital assistant) is basically the electronic version of a planner. Simple to operate and carry around, it contains a lot of useful tools that are very helpful to get you organised. Get one to attain paperless productivity.     

Palm Portable Keyboards  It is basically a complimentary device for the PDAs. When you have a lot of writing to input into the PDA, use a Palm Portable Keyboard. You can enter anything from important dates, appointments to the minutes of the meetings.     

Tickler File System  Again, a very useful tool that helps in arranging your paperwork, documentations and correspondence related to any task in a week wise manner. You can simply hang it on the wall, leaving your desk uncluttered and well organised.     

Life Balance  It is an award winning software that helps in the creation of to-do lists, and then sorting it as per your preferred allocation of time, and then recording the feedback for each of the tasks. Available both for your PDA and your computer.      Goldmine  It is a contact management software which will help you in keeping track of every business contact that you happen to make in the course of your business. It is ideal for a scenario in which a team is involved in completing a project, and a lot of contacts need to be managed. Available in individual and team versions.

The time management tools are offered to the patients in different versions to get the benefit. The completing of the project is there to get the desires results. A list can be prepared through the individual to get the right and correct results with 75 hard.

It is no doubt that all these tools are of great help in proper time management and in getting organised in an effective manner. What you must bear in mind that it does not necessarily take a lot of money and effort to manage time successfully, or in getting organised. Sometimes all it takes is a simple piece of paper and a pen. The rest has to come from you, from the within. Therefore, the most important time management toll is the one that you always carried around with you: YOUR MIND!

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