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Transcription Beginner – Here’s How You Can Outperform Your Competition 

If you are a freelancer transcriptionist, then it could be hard for you to get quality and quantity of work due to competition. But if you have the right skills and some helpful tips to outperform the competition, then nothing can stop you from getting new assignments quickly. For instance, typing smartly is more important in this profession than typing fast, that you should be focusing on it from now onwards.

Before We Begin, Let’s Talk About Breaks 

So, listening to long audio recordings and transcribing them could be exhausting, which is why you need to use the strategy of dividing the work into small parts and take a break after completing every part. During breaks, one can utilize the time to learn some quick tips for using in the upcoming task.

Transcribing Software For Enhancing Productivity

Numerous software applications on the internet are designed for automated transcription, which can listen to the audio and provide you with transcribed data. Other software can offer customization with the audio for clarity or transcribing ease.

Practicing With New Sample Audio Recording Is Crucial

If you want to be perfect in your skills, you have to keep honing them through continuous practice. Hence, one should keep transcribing a new recording every now and then for improvements and efficiency.

Autocorrect And Shortcut Tools Are Most Useful 

Some applications save time and energy by offering shortcuts and other custom options like autocorrect wrong spellings, making your text error-free. These applications are effective for faster transcribing, but you should proofread the final text before submission.

Quiet Environment And Better Hardware Equipment For Accuracy

If you offer transcription services for qualitative research or other professional firms, you need to have top-notch hardware equipment like noise cancellation headphones or a computer system with integrated tools. Similarly, a quiet and peaceful working environment is also helpful.

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Virtual Mailbox- Legal or Illegal

We are living in the modern era of 21st century where digital and social media are calling the shots where you can get acquainted with some important people online that are experts in the field.

This aspect is something that needs to be kept in mind because the entire world depends on technology today like never before and we have reached a point where we can say that our life depends upon it.

Today we are going to talk about an important part of emailing that has become a popular process for sending and receiving messages called virtual mailbox that deserves to be better known than they are at the moment but only the people that are tech savvy are aware of it.

Arguments Clarified

The argument that frequently pops up is whether virtual mailbox is legal or illegal and this can go on without reaching a definite conclusion so we shall list out some important points to clarify some issues so that things are put out in a better perspective.

If you are a resident of the United States, then you need to have a physical address to create an account  that will remain the same even if you relocate somewhere else and this process scans and checks the packages or envelopes in a detailed manner so that there is no scope for any mishap.

A few of the services can check the virtual mail contents on your behalf where you can give your opinion on whether you want to keep or dispose the items and even ship them.

You can converse virtually with your friends that are sitting thousands of miles away from you and do it within usable limits because there is a free flow of mails that keep pouring in from time to time so what you have to do is to get new mailbox and start things up.

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Credit Repair Services: What To Look Out Fo

A lot of these credit repair services or credit fix services do nothing more than take your hard-earned money and then proceed to do what you can do yourself. That’s if you’re lucky. Some will take your money and do nothing at all.

The best way to repair your credit is to see where you are first in terms of your credit and thereafter checking out Blue Water Credit for more help. Order a copy of your credit report from the three credit bureau agencies. This gives you a chance to see what debts you have and which are not paid on time.

Bad credit can stay on your credit file for as long as seven years depending on the severity. If you have a charged-off an account which means you did not pay on this account for as long as 4 to 6 months, this will remain on your file for seven years. How do you know if it is charged off? In some cases, it will say it right on your credit report, (Charged off). Another way to tell is with the credit rating.

If you have an I-9 that means the account has been charged off. So the “I” means this was an installment loan such as an automobile loan, or a loan for furniture or appliances. Installment loans mean you have monthly payments (equal monthly payments with the exception of the first or last – sometimes), and you have an assigned date when this loan will be paid. Maybe you took out a car loan for 60 months or five years. You know in five years, assuming you make all payments on time your loan will be paid off. So you know what the date is.

When you have an R-9 that means the account has been charged off as well. The “R” means this is a revolving account such as a credit card, or a gas card, or a department store account, such as Macy’s, or Target, or Wal-mart. When you make purchases on revolving accounts you don’t know what they payoff date is going to be, unless of course, you pay your balances in full every month. However, if you have a balance of $3,500 with an interest rate of 18% and you pay the minimum payment every month you really don’t know when this account will be paid off. Of course, there are computer programs that will compute this for you. However, the point is these are revolving accounts. Your balance revolves from month to month.

The best way to clean up your credit is to start making payments on your debts. Anything you have not paid on for a period of seven years should fall off your credit report, with the exception of taxes owed, child support, student loans, and government-related loans, or tax lien judgments. These will always stay on your credit. If you did not pay on a credit card for seven years this will indeed fall from your credit report after that time has elapsed.

If you have something on your credit report which is not yours and you have no knowledge about it whatsoever, then you need to send in a letter to the credit report agency to dispute it.

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