Cpl Asks Top-Level Players To Accept The Pay Cut

The Caribbean Premier League often known as CPL is asking their top players to take less money for this year's T20 edition, 2020. As per the report of EspnCricinfo on Friday is to be believed, "The CPL edition of the year cpl 2020 schedule and time will be played, substance to Government approval (TT), behind closed doors of course, with the max-paid players, are expected to take the salary cut nearly up to 30% when it is compared to the year 2019 levels. However, there will be zero salary cut for those players that are paid below the sum total of 20,000 US$ bracket." The Pay cut Players who usually earn 160,000 US$, 130,000 $, 110,000 $, 90,000 $, 70,000 $, 60,000 $, 40,000 $, and 30,000 $ would be asked to take a 30% cut, and the players who’d have made 20,000 US$ will accep

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A Brief History Of Netball In Australia

Netball has come a long way from it's early beginnings as basketball in Canada. It has progressed through the years, initially as a gender appropriate sport for women in England during the 1800s, to the globally played, fast paced game that it is today. Whilst still predominantly a womans sport and classed as non-contatct, the inclusion of mixed and mens netball, as well as the increased physicality and level of sponsorhsip and funding supplied, has seen it become more popular with the public and played in a more professional manner. Whilst English men preferred traditional sports such as cricket, women were keen to give basketball a try. However, with their attire of floor length dresses, button up shoes and restricitve clothing, the game had to be adapted to suit them. The court was s...

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