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Tile Roof Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

If you’re the owner of a home with a tile roof, then fortunately there is some tile roof maintenance you can do yourself, thus saving on professional roof work costs. Here, learning about roof restoration cost per m2 is also vital. Maintaining your roof can really prolong its life.

Depending on the type of tiles used, a properly installed tile roof can last perhaps 100 years with reasonable care. Here are some tips to care for that most overlooked of investments:

Inspect the roof annually. Tile roofs are extremely durable but still have to be inspected occasionally, either by the owner or a roofer. Look for cracked, dislodged, or chipped tiles. Damaged tiles need to be replaced immediately. Also gauge if there are further potential issues, such as ridgeline unevenness or missing end caps. Other problems could include blocked guttering, incorrectly installed downpipes, ceramic tiles lifting off, loose fastenings on dormers blocked valleys, or tired chimney flashings (lead that provides a join between the tile and chimney or building structure). Wash your roof every 6-12 months.

By washing away dirt and debris, you’ll prevent most moss and mildew from growing. Use a pressure washer to clean your tile roof. Ensuring that the spray is not set too strong (thus displacing tiles), spray from a height of about 61 cm. A pressure washer that includes an induction system loaded with a diluted bleach solution is ideal. The bleach helps to get rid of existing mildew and treats the roof surface with a solution that inhibits the growth of new ones. Walk on your tile roof carefully.

If going up on your roof to clean the surface and do repairs, remember that tiles are fragile, and can break on impact. The way to walk on a tile roof is to distribute your weight over an area wider than your foot. Experienced roofers lay down plywood walkways that have foam backs to use to walk across a tile roof. Never walk along the delicate edges of tiles. Please check the OSH Website for Best Practice Guidelines for Working on Roofs. This is important as the rules around Working at Heights are very strict in terms of the railing, harnesses, and the use of ladders. It is your own personal responsibility to ensure your own safety regardless of height. If there is a risk of falls there is a risk of injury or death.

Further Benefits of Tile Roof Maintenance Regular cleaning and maintenance and ensuring repairs are carried out immediately means the whole roof retains its purpose and that is to keep you warm and dry in winter, cool in summer, reduction of noise, and looking good! If you decide to get a professional roof inspection and repairs, Roofing Works (2010) Ltd can do this, give a quote, and then carry out any tile roof maintenance needed. An honest opinion will be given. If your roof doesn’t need the work we won’t do it!

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