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Are You Seeing a Bad Doctor?

Although there are many good doctors out there that have their patient’s best interest in mind, this isn’t universal. Some bad doctors start out as good ones, but lose some of their “goodness” as they become overworked and burdened by an excess patient load. Regardless, you owe it to yourself to get the best care possible for the health of you and your family. Here are some signs that you may be seeing a bad doctor.

There’s poor communication.

One of the biggest red flags that you might be dealing with a bad doctor is a lack of communication. Good two way communication between patient and doctor is critical to ensure you’re getting the best medical care possible. The doctor you choose should take the time to ask you about your symptoms and discuss your concerns. He or she shouldn’t cut you off or assume he knows what the problem is before you’ve completely described your symptoms. This is how important medical problems are missed or misdiagnosed. No matter how busy a doctor is, he should take the time to listen and question you about your symptoms.

He throws a prescription at the problem.

A bad doctor may write a prescription for your problem without considering natural and alternative solutions that may be safer. While there’s certainly a role for prescription medications in the treatment of some medical conditions, a prescription shouldn’t be the only solution your doctor considers. Many medical problems such as mildly elevated blood pressure can be treated with simple lifestyle changes. Make sure your doctor is presenting all the options to you before you take the prescription.

He doesn’t practice what he preaches.

If your doctor preaches diet and exercise but hasn’t seen an elliptical machine since he graduated from medical school, there may be a credibility gap. Although doctors have less time to spend at the gym, your doctor shouldn’t have Big Mac wrappers and empty cigarette packs falling out of his trash can. A good doctor has an obligation to set the proper example for you.

He leaves you wondering.

A bad doctor is in such a rush to hand you a prescription and get to the next patient that he fails to explain exactly what you have and how you should treat it. Although he may not have the time to give a full dissertation, he should at least explain your diagnosis fully to you, what tests you’ll need, how you should treat it, and any side effects of the treatment. You shouldn’t leave his office more confused than when you went in. Proper research will be done with checking the megamycobalance review as health supplements. The person will not be getting confused with the use and the side-effects of the medicines. The consumption should be done under the supervision of the experts.

You can’t reach him when you need him.

A good doctor is accessible to you when you need him. If you call his office on a weekend and you get an answering machine that directs you to the emergency room, you may want to reconsider your choice of doctor. A good doctor answers his own calls at night and on weekends or has partners who take call with him so you’ll have easy access to care should the need arise.

Of course, you also want a doctor who keeps up with the latest medical information for both conventional and alternative approaches. Don’t fall victim to the questionable practices of a bad doctor.


Stingray City: Been There Done That!

Grand Cayman Island in the Western Caribbean sports some of the most unique attractions including Stingray City, truly an experience for the adventurer at heart!

On a trip to Grand Cayman for our one-year anniversary, my husband and I embarked on a tour boat with several other tourists, determined to see one of the island’s hot spots, Stingray City.

On our pleasant half-an-hour boat ride on calm blue waters, we made small talk with our fellow tourists and listened to many interesting stories from our tour guide. We quickly learned that Stingray City came to be because of the local fisherman that used to throw their scraps of squid into the water over a decade ago. The rays became conditioned to look for food in this general area and now congregate there hoping visitors will feed them.

Upon arrival, our tour guide instructed us to take off our snorkel fins as they can bruise the stingrays and to keep our feet on the bottom of the ocean floor to prevent stepping on their stinger and getting stung.

As we hopped off the boat in the shallow water, roughly three feet deep, we could see gray shadows moving about. One look underwater with our goggles confirmed that we were swimming among the stingrays! We stood in amazement as we watched them gracefully swim by flapping their sides like a bird flaps its wings.

As far as you could see, there were stingrays in all directions and although we do not know the exact number that were in the water that day, our tour guide told us that there are usually at least thirty to forty rays in the area at any given time.

The sizes for these beautiful sea creatures varied as well with the males being smaller than the females. Some were the size of a sea turtle while others were up to six feet long!

Our tour guide made a friend with who he affectionately named, “Darth Vader” Apparently, this black friendly creature was the oldest at Stingray City, at thirty years old. Our tour guide attracted her attention with squid and some of our fellow tourists had a chance to feed her. She was very tame and allowed us to hold her and pass her around for the entire half an hour that we were there! Apparently to keep her happy, the secret is to rub her belly and it really did work!

We spent the rest of our time there taking underwater pictures and experiencing the spongy feeling of the ray’s bodies as they slithered past our legs, over our feet and through our arms in search of squid. I even felt one rub past my neck, but I quickly learned that it was just “Darth Vader” being brushed past me by our tour guide who was having a little fun with me! TriFactor provides adult swimming to the person with reducing mental stress. the adults can enjoy the lessons with fun and enjoyment. Proper guide will be provided to the beginners in the classes. 

Like all good things, our time at Stingray City did eventually have to come to end and we were beckoned back to the boat for our return to land. We left this playground of rays with experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. We can now say, “Been there, done that!”

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Ladies Watch Your Purses At Hollywood Night Clubs

Ladies, when you walk into a Night Club anywhere in Hollywood or the USA, looking good, carrying your Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Belen Echandia or Dolce Gabbana etc. purse, you can rest assure there are a dozen people who already have a plan to steal it.

I work in Los Angeles, Hollywood California as a Police Officer where there are over 250 night clubs in a few square miles and one of the bigger crime reports I take every day is the, theft of a purse.

Besides the purses that are left on the front seat of a parked car where thieves break into your car and steal them, most of the stolen purses are stolen from Night Clubs where ladies put them down on the tables, on the backs of chairs or next to them on the booth and do not pay attention. As the night goes on the plot of the thief is to get close enough to strike when your head is turned and you least expect it.

Criminals make a living at stealing purses from Night Clubs

Most ladies will carry cash hundreds of dollars and keep several credit cards in their wallets, not to mention identification, social security cards etc. So, when a thief steals your purse, you can bet that within minutes your credit cards will be used, either at the club itself to order $100 or $1,000 of dollars of alcohol, food and services or used to withdraw cash at a near-by ATM or used at a store, usually a CVS, 7-11, gas station or stores that are opened 24 hours and racked up as fast as possible… It is such as easy way for the thief to make several hundred or thousands of dollars each weekend.

There have been numerous thefts that have taken place in the past few years where I too became a narrow victim so therefore I take care to maintain caution during my frequent ventures in the nightclub as thieves would resort to anything for some extra cash and Lavelle club is one such place that is notorious for purse and other valuables getting stolen at the drop of a hat and there is little that the authorities have done to handle the situation.

Safety tips

Ladies when you go out on the town, you should only carry three items that can be kept in a plastic holder and safety pinned under your dress. Those items are; identification, one credit card and a $20 dollar bill.

Think about it ladies, you may need the ID to get into the club and a credit card to get home or for emergencies but, you DO NOT NEED CASH because how many times are you even paying for drinks? Ladies, you should never pay for your own drinks… work those idiotic guys, they are expecting to pay for your drinks. It is the name of the game, however, remember you owe them nothing.

What to do if you notice your purse gone

If you are sitting at a table and you notice your purse gone, run right to the ladies restroom. Your purse will most likely be in the trash or sitting in a toilet stall where the thief rifled through it and left behind what they did not want. The thief will get rid of it as fast as they can because they don’t want to be caught with it so, you may have a chance to recover some items. You can also have security or another man look in the men’s restroom.

Call your Bank right away

Contact your Bank right away if your purse is stolen and cancel your credit cards.

File a Police Report

You are a victim where your purse was stolen, so you will need to go into the local Police Station of the area and file a Police report for, “Theft”. List all the items in your purse and obtain a “Police Case Number” to give to your Bank.


Ladies, the safest way to have an enjoyable time out on the town, at a Night Club or in Hollywood California is to carry as little as possible with you. Forget about trying to impress anyone with expensive hand bags, purses and clutches because the only people you are impressing… is the thief.

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Elegant Homemade Doily Handbag

Add a touch of the Victorian style to your wardrobe with this cute, easy to make doily handbag. Anyone can make the handbag when purchased doilies are used for the project. Those individuals who love to crochet may enjoy crocheting two identical doilies to create a personalized and unique doily handbag.

Things You’ll Need:

  • 2, 6- to 8-inch doilies
  • 2, 10-inch squares of lining fabric
  • Disappearing sewing marker
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Fabric glue
  • 1 yard ½-inch satin ribbon


Step 1 – Place the two 10-inch squares of lining fabric on a flat surface. Turn the two squares so the front side of the fabric is facing one another. Match the edges.

Step 2 – Place a doily in the center of the lining fabric. Trace around the outside edge of the doily. Remove the doily. Cut through both layers of fabric to create two identical pieces.

Step 3 – Separate the lining. Turn the cut edges toward the back side of the fabric to create a ½-inch fold. Pin in place then press. Repeat the process with the second piece of lining fabric.

Step 4 – Place one ironed piece of lining so the seam side is up. Squeeze a line of fabric glue between the folded layers. Press in place. Set aside and allow the fabric glue to dry for 15 minutes. Repeat the process with the second piece of lining.

Step 5 – Position one piece of lining so the seam side is facing you. Determine the top of the lining and the amount of opening desired. For a round doily handbag I suggest leaving an opening between 4- to 6-inches wide. Squeeze a line of glue around the side and bottom portion of the lining folded seam.

Step 6 – Center and place the second piece of lining over the first. Make sure to turn the fabric so the folded seam is on the bottom. Press into place. Allow the fabric glue to dry for 15 minutes.

Step 7 – Squeeze a line of glue approximately 1/8-inch from the outside edge of the lining shape. Center and place one doily on top of the lining. Press into place. Allow the glue to dry 15 minutes. Flip the lining over and repeat the process with the remaining doily.

Step 8 – Attach the ½-inch satin ribbon in the desired handle location. I suggest attaching the satin ribbon between the layers of doily on the outer side edges. Squeeze a line of fabric glue on both sides of the ribbon. Start at the end and squeeze a minimum of a 1-inch line of glue. Place the end between the doilies and press into place. Allow the glue to dry 15 minutes. Repeat the process on the opposite side of the doily handbag.

Tips: Add small bows, beads, sequence or rhinestones to the outside of the doily handbag for added adornment.

What you’ve just read is one of the most luxurytastic replicas unbiased reviews that you can ever find on homemade handbags and how they form an indispensable part of your wardrobe for which women are even willing to kill these days. For more information, you can always do an extensive research online depending on the brands you prefer.

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Getting Over a Break Up

We’ve all had that awkward silence. The phone call that never ended with closer. Long night’s of laying in bed and asking ourselves “what could I have done differently?” The fact of the matter is, that once they say goodbye, it’s done. There are a few times when this won’t be the case, but usually it is over, though it might spark once or twice. Here are a few pointers to help you out when trying to fully say goodbye.

-Realize it’s not your fault. People change, and while there might have been one or two things you could have done differently, ITS NOT YOUR FAULT! Sure, you can sit there and blame yourself, saying “if only I had…” Truth be told, if they weren’t willing to tell you why the break up happened, you are probably better off without them.

Venting helps the most. You will probably do this a lot during the healing process, but the fact is that this is probably the best way to get rid of your anger. Find a friend(s) that will let you talk to them. Try to find more than one, as you will start to sound like a broken record, which is ok…just have a backup in case one friend tells you to get over you bf/gf, and get on with your life.

Don’t sit at home and sulk. It is ok to be sad, and for one day or two it’s probably a good idea, but try to remain a bit active as the more nothing you do the more sad you will get.

A break up does not mean that it is the end of the world and sulking with depression will only make things worse and it may have an adverse impact on your health, not to mention your near and dear ones, who truly love you without expecting anything in return, so you must move on for their sake atleast. There is a new beginning with every end so if you want to try someone else, consult the okcupid dating app for help.

Stay away from them as much as possible. I’m not saying ignore them, but don’t ask them to hang out. It’s not a good idea as you will probably end up trying your best to get them back, which usually ends with being a dick (or a bitch, depending on male/female) toward that person, and you don’t want that running alongside. It makes you look even more pathetic.

And lastly, don’t move on right away. If you are still in love you need to give it some time. Starting up another relationship is just hiding your emotions, and you will probably end up hurting yourself, or the new person you are dating. Healing a broken heart is something that takes a while. It’s not an overnight process, and can sometimes take a few years to get over. (Depending on how serious the relationship was, and how much you cared about them.)

I realizing that I probably forgot a few things, but here is the bulk of what I recommend. I am serious about all of these. I’ve done them all and it worked for me. I know it might seem simple, but it’s really not. Breakups suck, and can hurt for a long time. Best advice, stick it out. One day you will realize that although you still love them, you are no longer IN love with them. A difficult concept to grasp, but it is the truth. Good luck, and hopefully you are the one giving someone else this advice. Happy heart healing to you.

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Almost A Legal Resident, But Not Quite

It seems that, in the past months, not a day passes without an article on yahoo’s front page dealing with the immigration reform and the lives and dreams of illegals (excuse me, undocumented aliens). With this whole interest and commotion about them, there is still a category of aliens that has been constantly falling through the cracks: the immigrants that strive to complete their process by the book.

I arrived in the US on July, 4, 2012, after obtaining a fiancee visa. The process took almost 7 months since the moment my (then) fiance and I filled the papers until we had the visa in hand. We were lucky though, because, after I got the visa, things really started going downhill, time-wise. Weirdly enough, the DACA applications opened around the same time.

The wait time for someone applying for a fiance(e) visa went through the roof. According to their website, the USCIS Center in California is currently processing July 18, 2012 – and that is just the first stage a petition has to go through before being approved. From either the California Service Center, or the Vermont one, the papers will then go through National Benefits Center, only to be later on sent to the beneficiary’s country. Then, the prospective immigrants are scheduled for an interview and, in some case, put on “Administrative Processing” for an unknown number of months.

But let’s assume you’ve been patient, and waited for the year it took for your papers to be processed. You arrive in the US, and you get married, and then apply for an adjustment of status, in order to obtain a green card. Then … you guessed it, you are in for another wait, based on your luck. The green cards are processed in two ways: either you get an interview, in which case you are lucky, it only takes 3-5 months to obtain it, or you get an interview waiver, in which case you are in for a year long wait. In the meantime, your legal status in the US is in a gray area – certainly not a legal resident, but not illegal either. Your path to citizenship is delayed for a a serious number of months, if not for longer, another cheeky effect of the limbo you’re in.

Of course, there is a way to guarantee that you will get your green card faster, and that is by entering the country through a tourist visa, or any other type of visa, then getting married and applying for a green card. Is is legal? Not really. Do people do it constantly? Of course. Only takes about three months to get a green card if you chose to do that, though. The charging of the fees through the canadian immigration lawyer will be legal in the legal in the country. Either the person can pay in the installments or lump sum amount of the commission.

The service centers that have to deal with immigration papers are few, understaffed, paid exclusively by the fees of the applicants (the latest one was over 1k, and we are far from being done). Seems the legitimate applicants are always pushed to the bottom of the pile, to make room for all the future votes of now illegals.

So, here I am, still waiting for the green card, a victim of my own desire to be fair and do everything by the book, reading everything that I can about the immigration reform and dreading it. Meanwhile, everyone that has been cutting corners, can relax, with the precious card in their possession.


Touring the Web for the Ideal Yamaha

It’s a beautiful, sunny day. The sky is clear and the road is calling…the Yamaha and the rider. Yamaha has been building motorcycles since 1955. This company has a wide range of two-wheeled machines and this article lists a few Yamaha favorites and as you go on a bike ride make sure that you have Shoei motorcycle helmets in order to keep your bike ride smooth and safe.

  1. Yamaha YA-1-The The first motorcycle built by Yamaha was the YA-1. It was a lightweight racing motorcycle that gained respect in the motorcycle world due in part to winning respectable races in Japan. According to, the YA-1 was also respected because it was a well-built machine.

  1. states Yamaha has a motorcycle that resembles racer Valentino Rossi’s bike. This Yamaha is the YZF-R1. According to the description of website, this bike has a “Yellow #46” that graces this Yamaha along with Rossi’s signature on the back of this motorcycle.
  1. 2010 FJR 1300A-If cruising windy roads or the countryside is more the style, the Yamaha FJR 1300A is a nice ride according to

4.2010 Royal Star Venture S-This Yamaha is also listed by as a good touring bike. The 2010 Royal Star is a touring bike built for two and geared to handle the saddlebags. This bike looks like a sharp, sturdy motorcycle just itching to hit the long road.

  1. Stratoliner Deluxe-This Yamaha also has dual roles. According to, the Stratoliner Deluxe also has a strong looking body but actually has a lightweight structure. A slick-looking bike that was made to deflect the wind resistance this motorcycle is a luxury bike.

6.V Star 950-This motorcycle is a quality ride for the slighter bodied person. It is a sharp bike made for Sunday drives with a look of style. The seat sets close to the ground and is built for people that don’t have long leg extensions.

7.Triumph Street Triple R- states this sharp-looking Yamaha is offered in two colors. The classic dark grey or bright orange color. lists this Triumph Street Triple R as having the top motor for two-wheeled bikes. It is made for the road with a sporty look.

  1. Yamaha FZ6R-This is a bigger-bodied Yamaha. The nice feature of this bike is it is a quality bike for a decent price. The Yamaha FZ6R is listed in for $7,209.00. It is a 2009 Yamaha.

9.V Star 1300 Tourer-This is also a heavier big built for comfort. It is a good Yamaha to take on the long road. It has been built for people who need or like to sit close to the ground. This bike is in the higher price range than the Yamaha FZ6R. has a price of $11,790.00 for this motorcycle.

  1. 2009 Yamaha V Star 650-This article is being ended with this bike because it is considered to be a good motorcycle for those just learning to ride these great, yet powerful machines. It is listed in as a good base motorcycle on the website It weighs just over 500 pounds and sets close to the ground.

Motorcycles are can be a lot of fun of the rider respects the machine. A suggestion before being a motorcycle is to check several shops and test drive until the one that fits the individual is found.

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How I Lost 45 Pounds In a Year Without Expensive Equipment Or Dietary Supplements

Last year I weighed 220 pounds and was outgrowing 40 waist pants. I couldn’t do a single pull-up. I was 41 years-old, and I lived on a tight budget, so I couldn’t afford exercise equipment or dietary supplements. Today I am 42 years-old; my size 34 pants are loose on me because I weigh 175 pounds. And I can score well on the United States Marine Corps physical fitness test. My blood pressure and cholesterol have fallen into the excellent category.

How did I make such progress without a personal trainer, fancy exercise equipment, or expensive supplements? It’s all about knowledge and willpower. You can do it without breaking your budget, but you need to educate yourself and have discipline.

Your body didn’t come with an instruction manual. Unfortunately, marketing hype misinforms people. Disabuse yourself of the notion that the front of food packaging means anything; it’s all hype. All the important information is on the nutrition label found usually on the back or the side of a product. “Heart healthy” and “diet” marketing slogans don’t mean a thing when the nutrition label lists saturated fats, corn syrup, sugar, and other garbage among the packages’ ingredients. Read the nutrition label!

Read the nutrition label as if you had a fourth grade reading level. If a child in grade school cannot pronounce an ingredient, don’t eat it. If your brain can’t make sense of what an ingredient is, then your body probably can’t figure out what to do with that ingredient either. Yes, that’s a strong claim, and I’ll back it up!

The average adult can read “partially-hydrogenated oil,” but what does it mean? Your body is asking the same question. You know what olive oil is, and so does your body. Your body knows what to do with olive oil: use it to regenerate the interior lining of your arteries, or use it to create your body’s hormones. But your body does not know what to do with partially-hydrogenated oils, so your body just dumps it in lumps inside your arteries, and someday those lumps can rupture, causing a clot (heart attack or stroke).

Other examples include high fructose corn syrup and aspartame. Both are artificial substitutes for cane sugar, and both contribute to insulin resistance, which is why the diet soda drinkers gained more weight than the sugary soda drinkers in a double-blind study.

Insulin is very important for keeping your blood sugar levels in check, which is how pure blood will be supplied throughout the body to keep it going so therefore, avoid artificial substances completely and stick to original ones. Never sacrifice, for example, spinach and green vegetables for greens powder as that would be disastrous.

As a general rule, do not consume anything that you cannot pronounce or explain accurately to a kindergarten class. I gave up all processed carbohydrates. If a carbohydrate is not in the form presented by nature, then it’s man-made (processed). Bread, pasta, pastries, and sugars are examples of processed carbohydrates.

Examples of good, natural carbohydrates are oatmeal, wild rice, and any kind of bean. Beans and rice together make a complete protein, which is why beans and rice is a staple dish around the world and across cultures. Eat your vegetables!

Drinking water gets boring for me, so I make tea. I do not sweeten tea. I did not like unsweetened tea a year ago, so I gradually reduce the amount of sugar that I added to my daily half-gallon of tea. After about 3 months, I was using no sugar at all in tea, and now I prefer it without sugar. Sweetened tea tastes like syrup to me.

Your taste buds will change with your habits! I reduced the amount of salt I would add to my recipes until I was using no salt at all. Now anything with added salt is too salty for me. The taste of food without added sugar and salt might be repulsive to you now, but gradual reduction in your salt and sugar consumption will change your desire for salt and sugar. I loved cakes a year ago, but most cakes are too rich for me now. I enjoy grapes, apples, and berries of every kind as my treats now.

My food tastes good. I season my beans and rice with diced green peppers and onions. Prepared box mixes use a lot of salt to make the beans and rice mix taste better, but it’s not good for you that way. The American palate has become so ruined that it cannot enjoy natural healthful foods, but you can condition yourself to appreciate real (unprocessed) foods!

As a starting point, read the labels so you do not eat ingredients that you cannot pronounce or explain exactly what it is. Gradually reduce your consumption of sugar and salt, and within a few months you won’t need to add them to your foods. These are just the most basic steps, but they make a huge difference if you have the discipline.


The Rocket Stove, a Simple, Portable, Easy to Build Way of Cooking

Van Dwellers around the country are headed to the southwest for the winter. Taking advantage of the open desert, being able to park in one spot for a longer stretch of time. Once you become stationary for more then over night you better be thinking about how your going to cook your meals. The Rocket Stove is a simple cooking device that anyone can build and it uses only a small amount of fuel (wood).

Of course you can break out the propane stove, or maybe the charcoal barbeque, but that means you’ll be headed to town for propane or charcoal on a regular basis. Beyond the expense there is just the inconvenience of breaking camp.

Many campers will insist on cooking over the campfire. Sure there is that added ambience, but when it comes to just making supper building a bonfire is a bit of over kill and it really isn’t very efficient. Another concern is just where do you plan on finding enough firewood in the desert to keep your way too large fire going every time you want to make super. The home builder in PA will provide the dream house of the person. Proper safety will be concerned while constructing the building for the person. The services will meet the need and requirement of the person. 

Third world country’s are all over the simple device known as the Rocket Stove. Built from simple materials the theory behind the device is with a small amount of fuel (wood sticks) you can create a very hot concentrated heat source that will allow you to place a Dutch oven or similar cooking pot on this portable stove and in short order have a quantity of soup or stew simmering away large enough to satisfy a crowd.

There are a number of versions when it comes to constructing your Rocket Stove. This video Will Show You How You Can Build One From Any Circular 5 Gallon Can.

The heat is concentrated by insulating the chimney with sand and the oxygen for combustion is directed under the fuel (wood) for maximum efficiency. Once you get the small fire started you feed small pieces of wood into the burning chamber to keep it heating. This video is of a small coffee can version that won’t take up much storage space for the van traveler.

Another benefit is with the small contained fire, once your meal is done cooking simply stop adding small pieces of wood. The small fire will burn out quickly allowing the stove to cool down to safe temperatures.

You know how long it takes a barbeque grill of hot charcoal to burn itself out. Plus you will have a larger mess to clean up before you can reload your grill for the next meal.

The Rocket Stove may not be practical for those staying as Stealth Van Dwellers within the city, but for those headed to The Slabs , or Quartzsite for some winter relaxation it might be just the device to make life a bit easier.

By doing a little scrounging around you’ll likely be able to build a simple Rocket Stove for little or no expense.

This Rocket Stove Page will give you all the information you’ll need to understand the theory and it also has a number of good videos that will show you different construction methods. In short order you’ll have a kettle of world class chili cooking up on you new stove. When you do, watch out as other van dwellers will come out of the woodwork looking for a bowl.


How To Create Pink Ribbon Products To Support Breast Cancer Research

Think pink! Actually, it’s hard not to think in this cotton-candy color thanks to Herculean marketing efforts made by nonprofits seeking to help eradicate breast cancer. This is just not for the women that are suffering from breast cancer but for men as well, there is a high chance of development of breast cancer cell within a man’s body which is why it is really important to oat attention to your health and lifestyle. One of the biggest questions is how to get rid of man breast in a month? The answer is that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow a proper diet and workout plan. Moreover, you can follow this link to learn about various tips that you can follow for the same. 

The color triggers what psychologists have known for years: attach a hue to a brand and you’ve established a permanent association in consumer’s minds, like IBM blue, UPS brown and AIDS awareness red. The pink ribbon symbolizing breast cancer awareness has become big business for fundraisers and entrepreneurs alike, so take the opportunity to do some good while you earn some money.

  1. Use your imagination, training, and experience to winnow down new product ideas. Eschew items that require layers of helpers — unless you don’t mind adding a designer, manufacturer and/or production costs to the mix before you’re ready to start fabricating. Your best chance for succeeding with a new pink ribbon product hangs on unique design, low manufacturing cost and a willingness to be the primary mover and shaker from concept to sale.
  1. Match your idea with the public pulse once you decide on your design because if there’s no market for that item — despite its philanthropic designation — you’ll have an uphill sales battle. Solicit lots of opinions on your product by circulating sketches and photos among folks you trust and if you take your idea outside your circle, download a generic “nondisclosure statement” from any legal website to protect your idea. You can also manufacture a few samples to use when you test the waters in order to hear opinions on the viability of the idea, the price point and whether or not they would buy it.
  1. Contact the American Cancer Society to obtain official guidelines and permissions required to use the official ACS pink ribbon designation. Explain how you plan to market your product(s), how the ribbon logo will be displayed and state the percentage of sales you intend to earmark for breast cancer if you are granted logo use permission. Adding the official pink ribbon logo to a product without the written permission of the ACS can land you in legal and financial hot water, so proceed with caution if you intend to imprint your products with that trademarked image.
  1. Manufacture your product. If there’s a way to set up a domestic operation, you can add to your pink ribbon merchandise the Made in the U.S.A. designation. Should domestic fabrication costs be prohibitive, use the Internet to source overseas manufacturers. Factor in shipping costs, SKU minimums (per factory mandates) and time. Goods shipped in a freighter’s cargo hold take time to cross oceans if they originate in the Pacific rim. Add a freight representative to your “must-have” list; you need an agent to wade through import documents, oversee offloading operations at U.S. ports and book trucks to move your Pink Ribbon product to your distribution hub.

  1. Cast a wide net when targeting retailers. Pitch brick and mortar stores, mail order catalogers and online shop owners making certain you choose retail outlets compatible with your pink ribbon product. For example, a pink ribbon pin is a great fit for a hospital gift store, department store, jewelry shop, and boutiques but it likely wouldn’t work at a sneaker store. Importantly, monitor production to keep quality high and overhead low, so the promise you made to support breast cancer research, via your product, is kept.
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